Writing filenames with square brackets [ ]

Hi people.

I got this little problem. When I'm writing filenames from tags, I have use next string
%artist% - %title% (%album%)

Whilst I want it to be this
%artist% - %title% [%album%]

But the prog just seems to ignore these. And when there's uneven quantity of square brackets, here's what I get

How do I make it right?

Press the HELP-Button and you will see/find the syntax:
%artist% - %title% '['%album%']'

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Thanks a bunch!

Per any chance, d'you know how to write a track number in a way that it would automatically add zero if there isn't one, in filename? %track% won't do it. And also, if the tracks has numbers like 1/10, 2/10, instead of 1 and 2, it tries to write these "/10" aswell

Use $num(%track%,2) or $num(%track%,3)

Yep, works!

LyricsLover, ohrenkino, thanks a lot guys!