Writing ID3v2 to FLAC


I am using MP3tag for a long while now and I am very happy with it.
I am however experiencing a problem recently.
I have changed my mobile phone to an N900, which plays FLAC files, but the tags are not being read by it.
I searched around and found out that I need to write ID3v2 tags to the files for them to be read.
Now my question is: how do I set MP3tag to write this to FLAC files? I haven't found any options for it.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

You can't do it with Mp3tag. Mp3tag has little to no support for non-standard tagging. It doesn't read, write or remove tags that it doesn't think are the correct type for the file type. In some cases it can be used to remove some non-standard tags, but it's really more of an unintended side-effect than anything else.

Is there someplace I could request for this feature to be added in future versions, then?

One idea came into my mind ... but there is no guarantee if it will work ...

As I understand this thread so far, there is a media file of type FLAC and it should be prepended by a ID3 v2 tag (that is what Mp3tag can do normally on MP3 filetype).

Rename a FLAC test file from FLAC filetype to MP3 filetype, e. g. from "test.flac" to "test.flac.mp3"
Check what Mp3tag will see and can do with this renamed file.
If Mp3tag can handle this file as a MP3 file, then try to add a ID3v2 tag to this file.
If this works, then insert some tag fields, e. g. ARTIST and ALBUM with test values, save the changes to the file.
Quit Mp3tag and rename the pseudo MP3 file back to FLAC filetype.
Check out how your environment can handle this file.


Wow, I never thought this would work :smiley:
Now the tags are being read partially :slight_smile: Thanks a lot for the tip :slight_smile:

EDİT: Apparently only the Album tag is read. The Artist/title is still not being shwon. I guess I'll just conver the music to MP3 :slight_smile:

The technical description of the N900 does not say anything about FLAC file type.
If FLAC files will be played, then be happy.

There is also nothing said about the supported version for reading ID3 meta data.
So it is left to you to try out the different versions and if one works, then be happy.

Because such mini computers offers only limited storage space, still today, it would be a good decision to convert your lengthy original music files into MP3 compressed format.