Writing tags from path information

Is it possible using mp3tag to write 'Artist' and 'Album' tags from the file path?
eg. C:\MyMusic\Artist\Album\Title.mp3, assuming the 'Title' does not include information on either the artist or the album.
I would like to be able to do this for over 2500 albums in as straightforward a way as possible.
I have searched the forums without success, but I am relatively new to the forums, so apologies i advance if I have missed something.
Any help would be gratefully received - Thank you.

Use the function Convert>Filename-Tag and use something like this:

if the TITLE field is already set. Or in general: mask all the parts that you do not want with %dummy%.

Grateful thanks ohrenkino, I've tried your solution on a test set and it works perfectly.
The solution seems so simple now you have shown me the way - brilliant. :smiley: