Wrong album info for multiple songs search?

Hello. I've been trying to organize my years old playlist and I've been having a hard time with some steps.
I used to have all the artists in one same folder but I cleaned that mess and now each artist has it's own folder.

I noticed the "Album" info in most of the tags is missing and I'd like to fix this. However, if I select all the songs from that artist (which in most cases is naturally from different albums) mp3 tag looks up the album that fits most of them rather than each song separately. This is not good because I end up with the same album info and art per Artist rather than the correct album info and art for each individual song.

Is there any way to accomplish this without going through each song manually? Because that would certainly be insane. I have MediaMonkey as well and have not found the way to do it either. Thank you!

MP3tag does not know anything about albums as it only looks at one track at the time.
I wonder how you got any album information at all even for the first track.
And in general: how is anyone supposed to know that this particular track is from a specific album and not from the greatest hits collection, any odd sampler, the EP, the live album etc.
No, unless you know which tracks belong to a certain album there is hardly any other source that will do it reliably for you.ö

I thought that Artist and song name in the tag info was enough to get the album of a song. I mean, I really don't care if it chose a greatest hits, or the EP, since it's still better than nothing and certainly more accurate than what I mentioned.

Well, it probably is not. I tried to lay out the reasons for you.
None of the web sources that is implemented in MP3tag retrieves information only on the information of artist and title.
If you do not care what album the title is from then you can copy the title into the album tag, so that it behaves like an EP ...

Or you could try Musicbrainz Picard which, as far as my experience goes, produces very surprising results but fills a lot of album tags.