Wrong Tags

While browsing through some of my music, I noticed that some of the songs and their tags did not match up. Principally, the actual song and its title did not match up.
I have no idea how this happened and am in no way "blaming" MP3Tag for this situation. How many of my 18,000 tracks are like this is impossible to guess at but so far I have found and renamed about 12 tracks. This was done manually by looking up Amazon or Wikipedia for album tracklists......etc, etc.

Question is that because titles/actual songs have been mixed up, can MP3Tag sort out this problem automatically?
I hope I'm making myself clear here as I have found it difficult to describe the actual problem.

If you want to test whether the filename (without the file extension) matches the title field, you can use the new filtering capabilities of the latest Development Build and try

"$if($eql(%_filename%,%title%),1,0)" IS 0

to identify files where filename and title do not match.

"$if($eql(%_filename%,%title%),1,0)" IS 0

Tried this Florian but without success. Thanks
Good thing is that I understand a little about filtering now!!

Think I may have identified the problem but don't know how to sort it out.
It appears that the juxtaposed track names have occurred in albums where the tracks filenames are listed alphabetically and not listed numerically.....that is the only sense I can make of it. (how the tracks are organised is this way is a mystery!!!).

Again, the problem arises with sheer weight of numbers. With over 2000 albums, apart from visually, how can albums in which the filenames are alphabetically organised be filtered out and out and retagged?


I had the same problem happen to me!

I have AAC and FLAC versions of my ripped CDs, created many years ago, all lacking album art. So I decided to use mp3tag to add album art.

I did maybe 20 albums (AAC and FLAC versions) which isn't going very fast as I haven't figured out how to batch things. The actual files being on a NAS doesn't help speed either.
Anyway, I realised after a while that the Title tags were not corresponding to the file names -in my case the file names are "Artist - Track title", with one album per folder (folder name = album name).

This is with a version i downloaded yesterday: v2.5a