Wrong track order (tried many things)

Hello everyone !

I have a dlna System, but the main problem is about reading my tracks in correct order.

I will give an exemple with a bruce springsteen album, but the problem occurs with many of them.

When i open a folder with mp3tag (or with my DLNA app, samsung music stream), the order of the songs is wrong :

==> this is what happens when i open my folder (and this is also the order when i play the folder on my app).

I tried to rename the file, rename the tags, remove every tags....
The only thing that change is when i rename the name of the file... but alphabetical order isnt used... It's like the order of the songs is totally random. For instance, If i had a "-" between the number and the name of the song, it will change the track orders (WTF ?!?!) :

SOOOOOOOOOOOO... I need to find HOW the order is running....

I have to add that this problem is present with some albums, and sometimes its running smooth :

==> Okay, okay, only the first song is read in last order, but its not a really big deal.

Please, can you help me, it drives me INSANE :smiley: !

The files are sorted according to the "Album" column in your case. You can see that by looking at the column header of Mp3tag's file view where the Album column is highlighted in a different color.

Once you click on the "Filename" or "Track" column, the files should be sorted correctly.

Kind regards
– Florian

Yep, yep, no problem for that. But if i open my files in my DLNA application, it will read files with THIS wrong ORDER (the one on screenshots) ! I tried to click on filename, it's runnig perfectly, i can save the tags and... when i open it on my DLNA application, the track order is still wrong. And when i close mp3tag and i open the folder again, it will still be in the wrong order.

I'm assuming that you checked the DLNA app to see if there's a play sort order option, or that something like shuffle is turned off

Ah, thank you for this answer. No, ofc, random mode is turned off, and i've checked with ANOTHER dlna player, and it's still wrong order :-(.

All my files that i downloaded form the internet (in mp3) are in good orders. But 50% of my flac (from my CD) are totally messy.

Are you clear that the order that you see in Mp3tag is only a display order? The order is specified by you by clicking on the headers. The display order has nothing to do with the order of the files on your hard disk. In other words, you cannot use Mp3tag to set a specified order on disk. Windows Explorer cannot do that either.

That may mean simply that they were downloaded in the right order. If your DLNA app has no way to resort files after it loads them (which seems unlikely) then it has a huge bug.

Google tells me that some DLNA apps can accept M3U playlists. Have you looked into this? Mp3tag is great for creating playlists with songs in whatever order you specify.

I know that the order I open the files in mp3tag doesnt mean anything... But, STRANGELY, it's the exact order my DLNA app is running the songs ! If i click on column "title" or "track" in mp3tag, it will be ordered correctly (in mp3tag ofc, not on my app).

But playlists seem a really good idea ! Haven't thaught about it. I am not sure my current app (panasonics music streaming) can use m3u playlist, but i can change my app. I will try this and come back ! Thank you for your help !

What I find worth considering:
The data in the field TITLE is more or less the same as in the complete filename:
track number, title string and file extension.
Wouldn't it be much better to get that data separated to see which sort criterion is really used by the player? Like this, it could be the filename or the title or anything.

Also, what I find strange: why does MP3tag show the no. 1 track as the last one?
Could it be that the data in ALBUM is different like e.g. a trailing blank?
You can check that by selecting all files from that album. If the tag panel shows for ALBUM then you have different strings in ALBUM.

I've tried this, to understand what is the criterion... It's a total MINDFUCK :smiley: ! Sometimes it's track number. Sometimes it's alphabetical order (i can still still understand.). And sometimes... There is NO logical at all ! For instance, if i write title of the file like this "04 beat it", the order will be different if i change it like this : "04 - beat it". But AT LEAST, i've learnt that when the order is wrong, the criterion is about title and not tags, because i tried to remove EVERY tags of the songs and the order doesnt change (Its still a bad order, but it doesnt change.).

no "keep" in album :-(.

I think we have to clearify the following:
"tags" includes "title"
The title is just one field among others that contains a string and has the function to be displayed as TITLE.
The way you used "title" I suspect that you talk about the filename. THe filename is a file property that serves the OS to identify a file - and could be anything.
Many players take the filename as title if the tags are not filled.
That is why I asked you to strip the TITLE field from information that is already in other tag fields like TRACK and also remove the filename extension.

What we have not yet talked about: does this server have a database? How is it updated? Could it be that you still look at the old information?

Maybe it can help to read something about the problem at other places ...


I DID IT !!!
So, here is what i did (and the problem were not TAGs, so i'm sorry for the post here. But maybe it will help people.).
I format my harddrive without naming it (maybe it was useful, maybe not) and I renamed every songs with "01 - thriller" instead of "thriller" (using mp3tags.).
Then I used supercopier and activated the option "strict order" because dlna is reading files the same way they were copied. So I had to sort files by alphabetical order and then copy them.

thank you for your help anyway !

Yeah, I did not understood any of this

Formatting a drive because an issue with Mp3tag?


I'm having a similar track order problem, but not with DLNA, although perhaps the root of my problem is the same as the original poster's. I've been ripping my CD collection to WMA-PRO files using Windows Media Player to place on a USB drive to use in my 2017 BMW with iDrive. The files have been loading and working great in iDrive, including the correct track order for each album.

However, some of the tag info often ends up incorrect, and the cover art is often missing. MP3tag is awesome for adding that info!! I recently spent hours fixing some tags and adding cover art to about 100 albums using MP3tag. However, those albums now have the tracks shown in iDrive alphabetically by title instead of by track number! Frustrating!

After some experiments and binary-comparing pre/post-MP3tag-edited files I discovered that the "Track" tag numbers in the files prior to editing with MP3tag (which order correctly in iDrive) have the byte containing the track number in binary (1=00h, 2=01h, 3=02h, etc.), whereas after editing with MP3tag the bytes are in ASCII (1=31h, 2=32h, etc.). The "TrackNumber" bytes have the same binary/ASCII difference, although 1 value higher (starting with 1 instead of 0). See the attached images. So it appears that MP3tag is reading the binary values fine when loading the tag info, but then saving them as ASCII when I edit other tag fields (title, album, track name) and then save to the files.

Is this an error on MP3tag's part? Or is there some setting I can change in MP3tag to make it save the track numbers as binary instead of ASCII?