Wrongly moved files

Hi everybody,

I'm new here and I've already searched and read some topics.

But I think I have a new issue.

I have opened my whole music library and want to edit some tags and add covers.
The library is completely organised in folders and subdirectories.

So with any action, maybe save or anything else, many songs are moved from the subdirectories to the root folder in the music library.

My system is Win7 Prof, the version of MP3Tag is 2.49.

Has anyone an idea how this could happen and the most important thing of course is that I want to undo the wrong action.
Has anyone an idea how this coukd be done in an easy way???

Best Regards

Undo .. is a little tricky...
But: you can move your files back to a folder structure with the converter "Tag - FIlename" provided you have filled enough tags to create a folder structure.
If you select the files for moving and apply a mask that includes the backslash between the individual elements you will get a folder structure.

Depending on your preferences add the variables.
E.g. a structure with a folder for the artist, the albums and then the tracks per album would look like this:
%artist%\%album%$num(%track%,3) _ %title%
Of course, the mask is just an example.
If you want to sort by first letter of the artist's name then the mask could be extended like this:
$left(%artist%,1)\%artist%\%album%$num(%track%,3) _ %title%

Or if you want the YEAR as well in front of the album ...
%artist%\%year% - %album%$num(%track%,3) _ %title%

Or if your tracks should sort alright on any MP3 player that sorts by filename:
%artist%\%album%\%artist% _ %album% _ $num(%track%,3) _ %title%

The only thing that won't happen: if your previous folder structure was more or less handmade (which is more or less unstructured) then it will not be very likely that the structured converter approach will shift the files back into the old folders.

But you could take the opportunity and rename all files according to the new way based on tags.

Thanks for your fast answer, but thats exactly what I want.

I don't want a new structure, I want the songs right back in the handmade folder structure.

I think I have shown you a way with mp3tag. If you have no indicators where the files originally come from I would guess that you have a weekend of manual file moving before you.
I cannot think of a different solution with the little facts I could retrieve from this thread.

And perhaps this is the chance to clean up the manual individualities to come to a structure that is based on clear patterns to cope with such mishaps as yours.