[WS/Action] MediaCompanion to mp4

I've been using this for a couple of years, and thought to post here in case anyone wants to run with it further.
The action runs after running MediaCompanion, which generates a .xml file with the same filename as the video file. There are also companion files such as -poster.jpg.

The action does a few things:

  • Imports and places a copy of the .xml data inside the mp4 metadata
  • Goes over the (now internal) xml, and populates many of the key metadata, including the itunes specific ones (such as ITUNEXTC and ITUNMOVI).

I have taken some assumptions in my parsing due to my specific mediacompanion setup (e.g. one single genre, etc). Please feel free to take and make more robust, take in more data, etc.

_XML_to_MP4_Tag.mta (14.1 KB)


Updated original post's attachment, as in some imdb pages the rating was formatted differently.

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Sharing an updated script, and adding JSON parsing script to pull some additional Apple info.

Simple/Fast/Easiest: Generate XML from MediaCompanion, then only the .mta script
More Complete: Generate XML from MediaCompanion, then run the Web Source to pull Apple Data. Then run the .mta script.

The reason for the dependency is that unfortunately the WebScript can't pull existing tags in the file, so to update Genre (which Apple info sometimes is more correct), Genre has to get pulled by the Web Source, then some logic looks things over within the .mta script to see if the Apple Genre has been written (if yes, keep it), if not, then use the genre from MediaCompanion XML.

&Edrikk#&Other Apple Movie Info.src (2.5 KB) _XML_to_MP4_Tag.mta (14.5 KB)