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If the releases are not on Apple Music, they will not be found. Some are only on iTunes, and some are only on Apple Music. Also there are releases which are available only for a certain time, especially collection releases, so while they are on Apple Music when they were new, a year later they may not be available anymore. Different countries or regions may have different availability as well.

To me this is one of the biggest achilles of streaming music, so a reason why I still buy physical media or download downloadable content for keeping.

But I rely on both Apple Music and iTunes for tagging (I prefer to download all of my music because I dislike streaming), so it's really frustrating to come across a cool album that I can't edit completely because I can only rely on one source of tagging information and not both.

An old issue is back (Apple Music will only show iTunesCountryID and nothing else). This seems to happen with every new release of MP3Tag. Is there any effort to integrate Apple Music/iTunes (or both) into MP3Tag the way Musicbrainz and Discogs are? I think this issue would be a lot easier to deal with if the integration was more complete. But I don't know because I'm not a coder.

Does your download source not include the key relevant items for the metadata? I would think this would be more of an issue with CD ripping where embedded CD text data is poor or nonexistent.

It was working fine few hours ago,now it only shows country id, there are no other tags. can you update the script.

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I am waiting for the update of this script.
It is presumed that Apple has changed something.
Mp3tag v3.13 also didn't work, so I updated to 3.14 and tried again, but it still doesn't work.
In the end, it seems that the script needs to be updated.
I've used it well so far, and I'll be grateful for it in the future.

I'm not good at English, so I'm using a translator, so please forgive the awkward sentences.

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Apple has changed something on their side yet again. Can't tag any albums

Script needs updating.

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I have multiple download sources, and, yes, most of the time, I don't have the relevant info. That's why I use both Apple Music and iTunes as tag sources.

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Ok, i have updated the script for you. There is no relation to the script failing and newer versions of MP3Tag.
Apple Music for Mp3Tag 2.3.zip (35.4 KB)


Is it entirely Apple's fault, then?

Thank you, I'm using your iTunes API script instead, can you please update that? it seems like for some it's working and for some not :woozy_face: :pray:

Without a doubt the most valuable tagging tool I use. Thanks for the update!

Thanks for the update @AreDigg Highly appreciated.

Thank you for the update .

What is not working with the iTunes API script?

I had the impression that some audio files weren't working with the script, but I'm noticing now it's just singles where the metadata appears under album section & title. I'm sorry, false alarm.
Thank you king for your holy work :pray: :crown:

@AreDigg Is there a way to have the Apple Music script handle more than 300 songs? I have an album that contains 425 songs, and I wouldn't want to edit an extra 125 songs manually.

No, not in any way I am aware of.

The script returns connection error forbidden. Please update it! Thank you

It is still working here.