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I was tired of the old iTunes scripts so I decided to make new, hopefully it will work.

New version 1.1:

Version 1.0:
Apple Music for Mp3Tag.zip (33.2 KB)


The difference from the old iTunes scripts are that this is including two scripts, one is for the official iTunes API, but using the JSON parser instead of text based as earlier. It should be pretty safe to use at any time. I have also added a "Apple Music" parser, but it is not using Apple API, but rather exploring that Apple is adding most data inside a JSON structure in their web pages. How stable that will be, is yet to be seen, but it has remained this way for quite some time. What you will receive in addition to the official API is composer(s), curator comments, ISRC, work name, more detailed genres and label information etc. It is also possible to make more adjustments to the script, so you can make separate entries for the artists and composers. As well you could add all the urls to Apples various pages for each of them.

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Since today your Apple Music scripts don't work here anymore.
Sometimes the list of search results appears and after selecting an album MP3Tag says:
"Sorry, no entries are matching your search criteria".
Sometimes its says this at once without showing the search results window.

The iTunes API v1.src still works.

Yeah, I see that. Apple have changed the entire infrastructure of the Apple Music web now. I guess that is the price when using undocumented stuff.

I have made some changes and bugfixes on the iTunes script.
iTunes API for Mp3Tag 1.4.zip (32.4 KB)

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So will you give up the Apple script because it may change too often?

No, but as it is now it require an access token to use the api. And that would require me to create my own app, as it will be linked to my Apple account. It look like they have made the same change for the web interface as well now. Not sure it is possible to get the data in a trivial way the limited script interface gives.

New update; some language, bug fixes, etc.
iTunes API for Mp3Tag 1.5.zip (33.6 KB)

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Thanks for this Apple Music script! It meets my needs almost exactly! I have been able to tweak it a bit here and there to support my specific use cases.

A request - could you post a formatted example of the raw data, if you have one? I would like to see if there is any additional data available that might prove useful. Atom's json prettify doesn't seem to be able to handle the raw data, not matter how much I try to massage it.

Thanks again for a great script!

For some reason if i update the files with your ws and then update them again istead of the album it appears this :

i think its the PLID tag.

Also something is wrong here:

thank you for your ws.

What happened in the meantime?
I tried the Apple script today again and it micraculously works again.

That is interesting, it means Apple changed its web interface back to the old one. Why is that is a good question, and if they will keep it going forward, or just temporary.

Yes it is by design about the plid, it should pull up the same album by searching on the playlist id.

The movement name and work are just more a hack for my classical albums, it just put the first part before a colon to the work, and the rest to the movement. 95% of classical music on iTunes is formatted like this. It will be a bit funky if there are ":" in normal track names, but not sure of a good solution.

I can post it when I get the time, it varies also a bit depending on type of album and genre. You can also look at the script what I did to get the json properly.

Here is one example

Added new versions of the scripts, only minor changes.

Apple Music for Mp3Tag 1.3.zip (32.8 KB) iTunes API for Mp3Tag 1.6.zip (33.6 KB)


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Here's an album that does not give complete results with the Apple Music Script:
Maybe you can find the reason and fix it.

Is is possible to add a total-disks feature,
i.e 1/2, 2/3, 3/3 for the discnumer-field?

Till yesterday the Apple Music Script principally worked, since today it stopped working with all albums I tested.
The search and the display works till the first window (list of albums), the second window (album contents) is empty.

New version out

Apple Music for Mp3Tag 1.4.zip (35.0 KB)

Check if it works for you now. For the other features, the script only takes the information that is available from Apple. But possibly can make another script to recalculate the data.