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You don't even have to do it manually - you can apply an action as dexcribed in the HowTos:

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The script is writing some data in the comment field and I just want it to be completely empty. So how do I empty it out removing the entry from this field ?

I suppose this can be accomplished using one of the actions but I will need some regex expression.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

To join 2 fields and remove one of them, try an action of the type "Guess value"
Source: %title% %comment%==
Target pattern: %title%==%comment%

Thanks, I've decided to remove the comments field all together as it contains no data to begin with. Thank you for the kind help.

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To get the maximum quality you can replace this part of the script

json_select "url"
RegexpReplace "(.*)\/.*" "$1"
# Width x Height - JPEG Quality
Say "/2400x2400-50.jpg"


json_select "url"
IfNot ""
	Replace "://is" "://a"
	Replace "-ssl.mzstatic.com/image/thumb/" ".mzstatic.com/us/r1000/0/"
	RegexpReplace "(.*)\/.*" "$1"
	OutputTo "COVERURL"
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If you don't want the script to write to the comment, remove or add # in front of the lines between
OutputTo "COMMENT" and Say "|"

If you want to swap TITLE and TITLESORT, you can just swap OutputTo "TITLE" and OutputTo "TITLESORT" in the script.

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Thanks bud, appreciated.

Thanks for this. This effectively solves what I was looking for.

I’m having trouble in getting it to display artist like apple music does: artist, artist & artist.

Used to work like that before, anyway to keep it unchanged? I’ve only managed to get everything in commas or everything in &.

Thanks in advance!

What about this reply?

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My issue got resolved after replacing the .INC file I had with a fresh copy from the most recent version of the script.

On your version does the field "ITUNESPURCHASEDATE" show up? I downloaded 3.4 and I still have to input the date myself?

@mirogeorgiev97 replacing the file changed the (feat. artist) to the title name instead of going directly to description / comment?

@Lukriax @zhordon

I'm not a dev, so this is just a best effort based on AreDigg's comments, but it seems to work as expected for me.

# Script by "AreDigg". 
# Code for most edits are also taken from "AreDigg" forum posts about this web source. 
# Edited by "Arbiter" on 20230102. 
# Edits do the following:
# 1. Discontinues separating "title" into the TITLE and COMMENT tags
# 2. Sets complete "title" to both TITLE and TITLESORT tags
# 3. Discontinues editing Album to remove items such as "(Single)"
# 4. Attempts to set "comment" into the COMMENT tag (unclear if "comment" is availalbe in source data)
# 5. Adds "audioLocale" to LANGUAGE tag
# 6. Retrieves full size cover art

I hope that helps.
Apple Music for MP3Tag v3.4 (Arbiter Edits).zip (43.4 KB)


Regarding point 4, "Attempts to set "comment" into the COMMENT tag (unclear if "comment" is [available] in source data)," it does nothing to the COMMENT tag, suggesting that "comment" is not available in the source data.

Many thanks, your contribution is highly appreciated.

Everything works as intended. No errors anywhere.

Thank you from the core of my heart friend. May God bless you.

@mirogeorgiev97 think that is correct that "comment" is not in the JSON data, but I'm not certain. So, I just gave it a shot. It shouldn't do any harm at the very least. Somewhere I saw mention that some classical albums may have a comment tag in Apple's catalog. Though that might be using the iTunes API or something else.

@ceo54 You're very welcome. AreDigg, did all of the hard work. I just did a little bit of tweaking and even most of those tweaks were pulled from his comments—but thank you for the blessing. God bless you as well.


Finally got around to trying this out, covers what I was looking for. Thanks again for your contribution.

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