[WS] Beatport.com by stevehero [Release, Single Track & Artwork tagging]

I donate you.I need t he beatpot script

Thanks very much but it shouldn't be too long until they're all ready. Hopefully tomorrow.

I have a full-time job and not much time to get working on them.

I appreciate your generosity. Thank you.


Is Ok. I can understand.


We waited this long I think we can go another day or two. Thanks again @stevehero and friends! Great community here!:boom::boom::+1::+1:


One more additional function for WS to be added to Mp3tag and the Beatport scripts will be released.

Please don't message Florian to do this. All in good time folks.


Updated v6 scripts in starting post.

You will require this version to run them and any later version. Please note these are beta so some testing will be required from you guys.

Please download the latest Mp3tag version here: 3.21b (2023-07-19)

Here's the latest version history in the readme file:

### **v6.0** 2023.07.19
- NEW RELEASE:      Complete rewrite. Requires Mp3tag v3.21b or later. Scripts no longer use the old slow site. As a result, the scripts should be much faster. 😛

- No longer applicable.

If you feel you would like to donate, you can do so via Revolut.


And finally, thanks for your patience :grimacing:
And a huge thanks to @Florian for adding some really neat features for WSs'.


Testing it out now, works great so far. Thanks alot for your work yet again! :smiley:


Initial tests are fantastic! This seems to be much faster than before the Beatport changes which is very welcome when tagging large batches!

Kudos to @stevehero and @Florian for the rapid response!


I like that the new script is indeed faster. But we don't have the column showing the track length now in the results dialog screen. Is this due to limitation of beatport's json data?

Track length is there as always. I use it to verify the correct track order/album before committing changes. It is on the right-hand side, so perhaps you need to scroll it in to view.

Awesome work from both @stevehero and @Florian again!

EDIT: Leading zeros in TOTALTRACKS are back!


Will this be available for the macOS version as well @Florian ?

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Yes, I'm working right now on porting all the new WS features to macOS.


Hi Guys, thank you so much for the hard work you put into this project.
I've downloaded the new mp3tag beta and beatport scripts and all is working great.
However I feel that I may have find a bug somewhere. I'm seeing the genre field being reversed in some cases. Here's an example:

This track on beatport:

The Genre is "Tech House" but it's being retrieved as "House Tech" which is kind of weird :grinning:
I don't know if you can replicate this but I'm seeing this on anything with the Tech House Genre. All others seem to be ok! Not sure if it's mp3 tag or the scripts. Thought I'd point it out though!


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This is an option in the script, you have to find these lines in the script and comment them out like I did below:

# GENRE RENAME OPTION ('Progressive House' => 'House Progressive', 'Electro House' => 'House Electro', etc.)
# Set "OPTION:GENRE_RENAME" "Add # at the start of this line to turn off this option"

@thesuperintendent Thank you. I'll give this a try :grinning:

Why does it only work with the 3.21 beta version and not with the regular 3.21?

Since we are in restructuring mode, can I propose ideas "to improve" and perhaps "simplify" usability?

What's your problem with using the Beta version?

I don't understand this. These are improvements made to both the scripts and program. The Beta will become an official release at some point and these scripts will still work with any future releases.


With a handy option in the code :wink: