[WS] Beatport.com by stevehero [Release, Single Track & Artwork tagging]

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll give it a go.

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Thanks. FYI it uses the plain old html pages instead.

For your (OM) fix see inside the script:

replace " (Original Mix)" " (OM)"                                                            # Replace " (OM)" to your liking, block this with # to keep original setting

And in the track scripts remove all this code OR place a '#' in front of each line like so:

#    outputto "ALBUM"
#    say " [BP SINGLE TRACK #"
#    sayoutput "BEATPORT_TRACK_ID"
#    say "]"

PS: Read the readme file that came with the scripts. It will give you a better understanding of how they work.

Ok, nice, I understand.
But when I have modified the .src there is no change. And when I delete all .src from the sources folder there is always the scripts in Mp3tag.
Why ? :flushed:

Save the .src file to make the changes take effect in mp3tag or restart mp3tag. Can you attach the .scr so I can see the problem you're having. Why are you deleting .src files?

I have restarted and saved the file. I have deleted files to see if something change in Mp3tag but no. I have reinstalled Mp3tag and now when I put files in sources directory I have nothing in Mp3tag scripts.

Beatport_by__stevehero_v4.0_SINGLE_TRACK_Search_by__Album_Artist___Title.src (18.2 KB)

Right click on the mp3tag icon on your desktop. Clock properties. Then click open folder location. In there should be the folder where your scripts are held under data>sources. Or re-read the part in post #1 about installation of scripts. This should take you to the location. Your script looks fine. Not at my computer right now so can't test it.

This post by Dano fully covers it. freedb and Web Sources

You will find the currently active .src files in the folder ...

Read there ...
freedb and Web Sources


Nice, thank you all !

Hi. How can i tag without (Company) from "Label (Company)" ?

For example http://www.beatport.com/label/armind-armada/40


Found a method to do it with mp3-tag's built in actions.
Grabbing everything after/including the space before the first bracket. Remember to add a space before the regex.

Regular expression: \s(.+?)"
Replace with: leave this blank

Best do it inside the release scripts, change:

    outputto "PUBLISHER"
    findinline "label\":{" 1 1
    sayregexp "(?<=name\":\")[^\"]+"


    outputto "PUBLISHER"
    findinline "label\":{" 1 1
    sayregexp "(?<=name\":\").+?(?=\"|\s+\()"

Tested on: http://www.beatport.com/release/man-hands/1241966

Single Track scripts:

    outputto "PUBLISHER"
    gotochar 1
    findinline "\"label\":{" 1 1
    sayregexp "(?<=\"name\":\")[^\"]+" "" "\"images\""


    outputto "PUBLISHER"
    gotochar 1
    findinline "\"label\":{" 1 1
    sayregexp "(?<=name\":\").+?(?=\"|\s+\()" "" "\"images\""

Didn't test on Single track scripts but it should be okay.

Just to thank you so much for your script. It has helped me dramaticaly. All the best for your awesome work and thank you again.

Why, thank you and welcome to the forum.

How can i remove a tags '_time chek' & 'comment' from v4.0 RELEASE Search by Release
for example http://www.beatport.com/release/overcome/1248310

It's looks like you've modified the script because in my test of that URL. It appears like:

To remove fields read the readme file that came with the scripts.

This is definetely a big help to all those zippyshare DJs.. Just kidding (not kidding), nice job writing the script, but seriously who needs to buy from beatport anymore thesedays when you can get both music and tags without it? :stuck_out_tongue:

I was wandering if it was possible to edit the script so it deleted all the file's original tags before writing the new beatport tags? I only ask because I often find myself deleting some fields and think it'd be much easier if I could incorporate it into the script but I'm too stupid to figure it out.

Thanks for taking the time to write the script btw. It's much appreciated.

Hi, thanks and sorry for the late reply. I'm afraid this cannot be done. My only advise is to write all the tags that the script rips from beatport which is quite a few and that way it will overwrite as many as possible. Then create and an action like this which I use or similar to suit your needs.
Name of action group: Clean-Up 1.1 # Remove Unwanted Tags

Action type: Remove fields except

Thanks for replying. I already do something similar and just hoped I could remove a step in my tag writing process. At least I know exactly what to leave now though. Thanks.

Edit; I noticed there was a few duplicates in your list so I've removed them and arranged what's left alphabetically.


Today I downloaded version 4.0 of your scripts, unzipped and copied them to sources filder, as instructed. When I run any of them, after some seconds it replies
"Error connecting to server: http://www.beatport.com"

User abort"

See attached screenshot.

Any advice?


You could check first of all if MP3tag has access to the internet.
Use Help>Check for updates.
The result of that function should be a dialogue box - if you do not see any, then MP3tag has not internet access, probably blocked by the firewall.

Thanks for your instant reply, ohrenkino!
I do have full Internet access (see attachment a) and in particular access to www.beatport.com (see attachment daft).

Any other ideas?

Why does the script reply with "User abort"?