[ws] beatport.com

Web Script for Mp3tag to tag MP3s with data from Beatport.


If you have any feedback shoot it through, I'm happy to update the script.

Thanks - planned to do one on my own. Will have a look and give you feedback!

thanks! Will try it.

Have tried it and it works great!!
I'll use this script as default for my albums. If i find something i'll let you know.
Great work mate :rolleyes:

Ok, I am sure this is a lame question. But just in few words, how do I install it?

download the files from post #1 and unpack them to the mp3tag folder under data/sources.
Restart mp3tag - the files should appear in the menu Tag Sources

You should change the search string to:
[SearchBy]=$repl(%artist% %album%,&, )

Because everything after a & symbol is ignored in api search


There are releases without a proper album cover. Instead, the logo of the label is presented.
These releases have ref="label" instead of ref="release" at the image url. This leads to a failor of the script. The script jumps to the first recommendation link at the bottom of the page (Users Also Bought) which has ref="release" at the image, writes all data of this image and gets an error when it searches for the track (findline "<track")

examples for releases without proper cover image:


I think the easiest solution for the script is to replace
findline "width="60" height="60" ref="release""
findline "width="60" height="60" ref=""