[WS] Deezer alternative

Mp3tag Tag Source for Deezer

I used @vikaesar web source(v1.00) as a start to make my own(this version uses the json in https://api.deezer.com, instead of the json inside the html).
Thank you vikaesar

Usage: Search by artist and album.

You can try it and make suggestions, find bugs, or tell me how to improve it. Enjoy!

[2022-02-27] v.1.01: New: Initial release
[2022-03-01] v1.02 Some clean-up and added date to date tag.

Deezer Api v.1.02.src (5.0 KB)


Thanks for another alternative websource-script.
I had a quick look. What I am missing and using with the vikaesar-script are the song-credits like COMPOSER. Is it not possible to fetch the composer via the api?

Another thing:
It would be nice if the script could fetch the discnumber.

@poster i could not find in the json the song credits(only in album, but as i noticed it lacked information) and the disck number, because there are none.
the link is this per example: https://api.deezer.com/album/77649352

this is an alternative to vikaesar ws, it has a few more tags(like genres) and less tags that you mentioned.

Many thanks for this.

I noticed that for tracks where there are multiple artists, only one is set. Perhaps the first one; I didn't double check. Is it possible to get them all as listed on Deezer?

I look into this later, can you give me an example(link)?


This is the one I tried though many classical albums will have multiple performers per track.

Concerto for Flute, Strings, and Continuo in G : Pergolesi: Concerto for Flute, Strings, and Continuo in G - 1. Spiritoso - Burghard Schaeffer, Elfriede Früh, Dieter Vorholz, North German Chamber Orchestra, Mathieu Lange - Deezer

At least with one album, the plugin wasn't able to find the album from artist and album name. In such cases or if one already knows the URL, do you it might it be possible someday to also specify a URL to fetch?

Piano Concerto No. 1 in D-Flat Major, Op. 10 : Prokofiev: Piano Concerto No. 1 in D-Flat Major, Op. 10 - I. Allegro brioso - Andor Foldes, Jean Martinon, Orchestre Lamoureux - Deezer

Notihing against your suggestion, but I can here find the album with
"Andor Foldes complete ...".

Trying various combinations of terms before I was unable to but got it now.

I have test it and the artist are there:

if you mean Album artist there is only one.

Also if you want to search by album number use this:
Deezer Api v.1.02_Url.src (3.9 KB)

Thank you. I'll test it sometime soon. What I mean is that tracks can have multiple artists and previously it'd get only the first one, for example "Andor Foldes, Eugène Bigot & Orchestre Lamoureux"

ha i see the problem, in the Api, in that example there is only one artist:

but in the webpage there is this:

cant do anything about it as this web source gets the data from the Api.

Although i think this is correct, as the artist is Andor, not:

Thanks for checking. Too bad the API doesn’t support such. Maybe filing some request will help. I’ll try.

As for correct, there is wide variation in classical such as various combinations of performers, orchestra, and conductor. There are some works such as having multiple performers for example one pianist and one violinist or others where there is merely conductor and orchestra and which is listed first could vary by web source or even by album. Someday deezer offering all all would be nice