[WS] Deezer alternative

Mp3tag Tag Source for Deezer

I used @vikaesar web source(v1.00) as a start to make my own(this version uses the json in https://api.deezer.com, instead of the json inside the html).
Thank you vikaesar

Usage: Search by artist and album.

You can try it and make suggestions, find bugs, or tell me how to improve it. Enjoy!

[2022-02-27] v.1.01
New: Initial release

Deezer Api v.1.01.src (4.9 KB)

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Thanks for another alternative websource-script.
I had a quick look. What I am missing and using with the vikaesar-script are the song-credits like COMPOSER. Is it not possible to fetch the composer via the api?

Another thing:
It would be nice if the script could fetch the discnumber.

@poster i could not find in the json the song credits(only in album, but as i noticed it lacked information) and the disck number, because there are none.
the link is this per example: https://api.deezer.com/album/77649352

this is an alternative to vikaesar ws, it has a few more tags(like genres) and less tags that you mentioned.