[WS] Discogs Album search + VA

I want to change the script to add credits and notes to the credit field and leave the lyrics field with only lyrics.

Before upgrading to the latest mp3tag, I was able to download lyrics in it's own field, and credits and notes went to its individual fields. However, as you may know, after the update no information would show up in the track listing.

I'm using the script you provided, but it deletes, understandable, my lyrics and adds the credit info.

Being i had collected a lot of lyrics, I would like to keep them and modify your script to add credits and notes to the credit file.


My scripts here don't change lyrics tag, you must be using a different script!

Got it... i think I see where i went wrong. The current script I'm using is discogs.pone 2.2...in v2.45b I had another script...everything was working great... but when i upgraded to the current version 2.46a, I could no longer get track listing under artist & albums..


Yet another Discogs update - they added some junk to release_id sell link. This fix works for me:


outputto "Discogs_Release_ID"
-findline "release_id="
-findinline "release_id="
+findline "link rel="canonical""
+findinline "/release/"

Didn't work for me... still pulling up blank data.

One more update on Discogs. :slight_smile:
Change all "gotoline 2" to "gotoline 3".

I would like to thank everyone who works on these scripts, they are such a huge time-saver. I had modified the discogs_Release_ID script once before to add credits and notes, however with the new change, I'm completely lost.

How can I fix the current "discogs_Release_ID_02" to add the fields "Discogs-Credits" and "Discogs-Notes" to my tags?

The scripts form discogs_extended_02.zip add these tags so just use the id script from there.

Perfect! It worked and we're back up!

I'm sorry Dano.
I try the "Search by Artist & Title" from "discogs_extended_02" but data remains empty.
Otherwise, "Search by Release ID" from "discogs_Release_ID_02" works well.

Download again, should be good now. :rolleyes:

Ok, I'm using "Release ID &extended" now, but would like to make a few changes. When I comment outputs, everything gets screwed up.

I'd like to make these changes:

Track Temp

Pone's mod for removing " (2)" from the artist, as well as replace "Artist, The" with "The Artist"

I appreciate any help, thank you

edit: To dano's response below:

Thank you so much! You are such a great help!

Then I suggest you use the pone script.

To remove fields just add set "field" at the end of the script:

set "Genre"
set "Style"

If you want to experiment yourself:

this is the command to make "Artist, The" to "The Artist"

regexpreplace "([^>]*), The" "The $1"

and this is the command to make "Artist (1)", "Artist (2)",... to "Artist"

regexpreplace " \(\d\)" ""
regexpreplace " \(\d\d\)" ""

You have to add this lines at different sections in the script: Artitst, Band, Mixartist, Credits, Notes (everywhere where artist names are displayed).
You have to add these lines always somewhere before the "sayrest" command. But I remember it didn't work in ervery position. So i just tried and moved the lines up and down within the sections until i got each section work.

Yeah, it works ! :w00t:

Thanks Dano ! :slight_smile:


I am using MP3Tag and Discogs Scripts now a very long time.
But something is bothering me.

I am missing in the scripts an option to put the complete Release date into a tag.

On top to the "YEAR" tag it would be great to have also a tag "DATE" with the original release date in numeric format.

I am aware of discogs writing the date "30 Sep 2010"

But in tag a better apporach would be 2010-09-30.

Is it possible that someone could write it in the scripts because I am quite to dumb to do it myself.

I've added the full date to my extended script.

Thank You dano.

Update with a few fixes (including the year tag)

hello dano,

thanks so much for this awesome script!
saves so much time and worked flawlessly (till yesterday) :frowning:

I use your discogs-extended script.

It still lists releases from the artist you have chosen.
but as soon as you pick a release it just finds the artwork.
there's an message in the 'album'-line and the rest of the fields stay empty.
I tried a new installation but without success.

would be fantastic if you could check this up.

many thanks in advance!