[WS] Discogs Album search + VA

Mp3tag v2.33 or higher required

(Based on the normal discogs script.)

How do I install the script? / Wie installiere ich das Script?

Normal infos:
  • discogs.src

    Search by: Album
    Imports: Artist, Album, Genre, Title, Year, Style, Publisher, Cover

Extended infos - Mp3tag v2.50 required
  • discogs-Release ID extended.src
    discogs-Search by Artist + Title.src
    discogs-Search by Artist + Album.src
    discogs-Search by Album.src
    discogs-Search by Artist.src

    Imports: Artist, Album, Genre, Title, Year, Band, Catalog No, Country, Discnumber, Full Date, Style, Publisher, Mediatype, Mixartist, Cover
    Note: The Release ID is the number in the direct url of an album
    Example: From hxtp://www.discogs.com/release/123456 it would be 123456

    This is a ready compiled version of the pone discogs script

Scripts with even more discogs tags and customization options are available here:


discogs_extended_21.zip (36.2 KB)

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Hi.. (now running) but...

if you try to serach for Every Day [ http://www.discogs.com/release/38037 ]
this release won't be displayed in the search results. There are some other results.. but that one is missing.

"Every Day" has 54 results:
Your album is on the last page, the script can only search on the first page.
Ok in this script you can search by Catalog#:

Thanks for the great discogs_release source. I'm using it all the time since i found it. :slight_smile:
When i try to import
a part of the artist's name "3MB Featuring 'Magic' Juan Atkins" is missing. Probably because the hyperlink ends after that 3MB ?

Please try this one. Also test with other releases if you can, it has some new code.

Thanks. That worked now. :slight_smile:
Now look at this one: http://www.discogs.com/release/32785

When there are two artists like this, it doesnt find the titles but puts the artist names instead.
I cant tell if the older verson did that, too.

Yes that's because these albums are various artists albums but the script does not recognize them as such.
Currently VA albums are only recognized if the artist begins with "Various" and I won't change that ATM.
As a workaround you can use this script that just always asumes that the album is VA
So you must switch between the 2 scripts yourself.


I am happy with this solution but in this particular case it fails:

(the first track has got two artists divided by ' & ' and of these only the first artist is retrieved)

Thank for your fast answers, I know I'm a pain in the *** :slight_smile:

Ok, it was also a problem on some other albums, so here's an update (both scripts)

Next update will be discogs_album because that doesn't work at all anymore I think.

Thanks, it worked

Now after getting a lot of information from discogs thanks to your great scripts discogs_release and discogs_relaese-VA I just want to compile some kind of wishlist/things I noticed/questions:

  1. I would really love to have the option to download all the pics. (btw it's great that the default name is folder.xxx)

  2. When downloading pictures the default directory is the current directory MP3TAG is using. When working with complete labels (where the releases are in subfolders) I noticed I always have to select the specific subfolder where I want to put the picture in. If the selected files are all in one folder this folder could be used as default target folder. This would be a bit more easy.

  3. From time to time, my mp3s are not in the same order as on discogs. That means first of all noticing this fact, closing the web sources window, renaming the selected files appropriately, re-sort the file list, re-selecting the files and then entering the discogs number again. I have no clue if any of these steps could be automated somehow...

  4. Could the latest entered discogs number be preserved for the next time the script is started? Sometimes more than one try is necessary and the number has to be entered again. This would also make 3. a little bit more easy.

  5. Is the Style (Techno, Ambient, etc.) information stored somewhere? If not, could I do this in a sensible way?

Thats all for now...
Some of the questions are rather stupid probably, sorry for that.

Thanks again,

1: I don't think that's possible with the current design.

2: That's already changed in the latest Development Build

3+4: I can only give you some tips:
To change the position in the file list you can also drag the files while holding ALT key.
You could also save the ID in the COMMENT field first and in the src file change the line

  1. Styles are saved in a custom STYLES tag. You can see it when you press ALT+T or click on :mt_tag: or add a new column

discogs release gives me 4 results instead of 3. It doesnt really make much of a difference but I'm wondering what the reason may be...
Edit: weird, http://www.discogs.com/release/338710 and http://www.discogs.com/release/362656 also do this now, i'll have to try more releases with <4 tracks.
They're all reported now as having 4 tracks, the additional tracks have no title.

Well for whatever reason they put empty table rows at the end of the song list, but there are also proper layouts:

But I could easily fix it i hope..

Its not a real problem anyway... Should i get that test version and do something with it?

A different idea: if the picture file is something.jpeg better rename it to folder.jpg instead of folder.jpeg because windows doesnt understand .jpeg and only displayes a small thumbnail in that case.

BTW am I the only one using this incredibly useful tool? I cant believe it...
Massive praise to Florian and dano!

Yes you should try it out and test it if possible

Tested the discogs release test now. No problems. The discogs-id-in-comment-thingie works fine.

After some hundered tagged albums something didnt work:
The artist name is "seltsam&strahler".

Instead of
The History Of The House Sound Of Chicago
the scripts retrieves:
The History Of The House Sound Of Chicago

That is one space too much after the third word. Strange one...

Edit: hmm, this forum cuts the extra space, but it's there.


In this case the thumbnailed preview is not shown, probably becaue it's a .png