[WS] Discogs Album search + VA



findline ">Tracklist"


findline ">Tracklist"

and it should work again. just updated my script.

Thanks. Updated...

Thanks for the working scripts again.

Is there any way to make DISCOGS_CATALOG only show just the first catalogue ID?

i.e; for (%DISCOGS_CATALOG%) to show

instead of;
(disccat1, disccat2, disccat3, etc)


Many Thanks

Use this code for the catalog part:

# Catalog#:
outputto "Discogs_Catalog"
findline "class=\"head\">Catalog#:"
replace "</div>" ""
joinuntil "</div>"
regexpreplace ",.+(</div>)" "$1"
findinline "content\">"
sayuntil "</div>"

This doesn't work as I would expect when there is is two songs per track.

Example: Andy C – Nightlife 5 - Drum & Bass

This source script thinks this is track 10 & 11 rather than both being track 10. So the script things this album is 4 tracks two long.

The way I tag these if doing it manually would be:
Track: 10
Artist: Konflict / Splash
Title: Messiah / Babylon

I have made an extra script for releases like that.
It's called "tracklist for albums with multisong tracks" and it's in my discogs pone script bundle.
You have to tag the album with a standard script first (from dano or one of mine) and use my script afterward.

If you use dano's scripts, you have to use one of his extended scripts, because my "tracklist for albums with multisong tracks" script uses DISCOGS_RELEASE_ID for search.

Here is a little explanation of my "tracklist for albums with multisong tracks" script, with some example releaseses, and some others where it still fails to get the tracks right:
[WS] Discogs (pone mod)

QUOTE (dano @ Jun 23 2011, 16:06) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Use this code for the catalog part:
# Catalog#:
outputto "Discogs_Catalog"
findline "class=\"head\">Catalog#:"
replace "</div>" ""
joinuntil "</div>"
regexpreplace ",.+(</div>)" "$1"
findinline "content\">"
sayuntil "</div>"<!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd-->

Thanks for that, I sort of stumbled when it didnt work at first so I looked at the differences between the original and the code you put and noticed a bit was missing because the forums didnt like the syntax in the 'findline' line, so I rectified it and now it works like a charm.

No more super long filenames, thanks :wink:

Discogs changed something again...

Does not work for example for "Aiera&release_title=Skydive" (http://www.discogs.com/Aiera-Skydive/release/3005672).

Publisher: Blue Soho Recordings &ndash; BLS 039
Discogs_Catalog: <Error>

BLS 039 should be the catalog number.

Label and catalog number are now displayed in a row. Would be nice if the script was updated.

Thank you!

That's how I solved it for my modificated script version:


outputto "publisher"
findline "class="head">Label:"
findline "<div" 2 1
joinuntil ""
replace "|" "/"
regexpreplace " (\d{1,2})" ""
regexpreplace "([^>]*), The( (\d{1,2}))?" "The $1"

regexpreplace "\s{2,}" " "
regexpreplace "<a href="/label/.+?">" "<a href="/label/">"
sayregexp "(?<=<a href="/label/">).+?(?=)" "\\"


outputto "

sayregexp "(?<= –).+?(?=(, <a href=|))" "\\"


regexpreplace " \(\d{1,2}\)" ""

use this only if you want to write labels which have the same name without the number in parentheses.
e.g. for releases from this label: http://www.discogs.com/label/Field+Records+%283%29

regexpreplace "([^>]*), The( (\d{1,2}))?" "The $1"

use this only if you want to write "The Label" instead of "Label, The"

e.g. for releases from this label http://www.discogs.com/label/Savant+Guard%2C+The

"\\\\" use this only if you want to split multiple entries into multivalue tags. (additional saving necessary after running the script). If not, use ", " (or whatever you like) as sepeartor.

Also, the default 'discogs' script is pulling the full release date, not just the year. I don't mind that info, but I have 100GB of retagged files with just the year, so maybe if the full release date could be added to a different tag line.

In any event, if Dano could get this script updated, I'd really appreciate it...I use it daily.

Taggin with the Discogs script gives an error. Seems like it's time for an update...

Hi dano

Your updated script doesn't get proper results for releases which have more than one label and catalog#.

And it has a problem with releases by labels with a "|" in the name.

Haven't been tagging for a while, so sorry for the late reply.
But the scripts are working for me...
Thanks for the updates!! :slight_smile:

When there will be a new version of discogs_extended? Version 08 from september is not working.

Thanks a lot for your script!

I have released an update.

Thank you, it works now.

Is there any way to modify the &discogs#Release ID &extended script so that it lists track A1 B1....
rather than the 01/04,02/04 format on a release such as this: http://www.discogs.com/Takuya-Morita-Ryo-M...release/1733577

Have a look at my mod to modify the output. E.g.:
to have A1, B1 only on vinyl & cassette releases while other releases keep the standard number system.

Yeah, but unfortunately that puts A1, A2... after the track title rather than in the track number field like the other script I was using, I was trying to avoid this, as is its quicker to manually edit the Track field from 01/04 to A1 than editing A1 off the end of the title field as I have been doing, thinking it was a problem on Discogs end.

Could this script be modified to read 01,03,03... rather than 01/11,02/11,03/11?