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Updated (some days ago)...

Thank you dano, your scripts are very useful.

Tracks get wrong numbers when it's an 2xCD release


Would be nice too, if the script could get the cd number and write it together with the album name.

Buddha-Bar V By David Visan, CD1


Buddha-Bar V By David Visan, CD2

I also have a question concerning multi-cd information on the discogs source. I tend to rip a cd at a time and build the directories based on the CD number:

Renaissance - The Classics (Disc 1)
Renaissance - The Classics (Disc 2)
Renaissance - The Classics (Disc 3)

All works fine for disc one, but disc two through MP3Tag gets the same tags as disc 1 because I can't work out how to offset the returned information.

So is it possible to restrict the return from discogs by tracknumber or possibly through another attribute that lists cd number? Or can I do a string comparisson on the filename to the returned track names?

Any pointers would be much appreciated as I am just how powerful this product is :slight_smile:

i'm trying to figure out how to store the discogs catnr as id3 comment. was fiddling around with a script for a while now but always get errors.

errr... help :wink:

Extended discogs.com scripts here:

Not only VA albums have artists' names in tracklisting. For example:

It would be more correct to check whether the tracklisting has information about artist or not. My version of discogs script is based on the standard one and dano's for VA.

discogs_v2.src (5.85 KB)

discogs_v2.src (5.85 KB)

discogs, ever so useful :slight_smile:

hi @ all,

i tried do define a discogs-search for "artist AND album" by myself but it seems that i'm not able to get it done. could anyone of you guys could give me a hint or just do it for me?
how come that nobody did it before yet?

thanks in advance, Paul

I'm new to this site.

Is there an easy way to edit only the Recording year for bunch of songs at once.
I'm trying to correct the recording year of albums of type "Best of..." where the release year doesn't match the recoding year of the song.

This "discogs#Search by Artist + Title.src" seem to find the information correctly when done one by one, but it also changes other tags such as Album, etc.. which I want to keep unchanged. I only want to change the recording year.

ANy help would be appreciated.


thanks for the scripts! They all are very usefull!

But I've got a problem with the "discogs-Release ID extended.src"-script, when I try to import


It seems, that there is a problem with the character "|". On the page you can see that the CD has 19+20=39 Tracks, but the Import in mp3-Tag shows 41 Tracks, cause it separates the title on every "|". The artists are read correctly.
Maybe a bug in the script?

same for me. I only wanna change the year for these best of greatest ever stuff in the same way as SultanH

Is there an easy way to modify the result of the "discogs#Search by Artist + Title.src" - I mean the sort order for inside the column Information where I'd like to see the year first to see the necessary information at first sight. Than I would retype it if there won't be easier ways to get the year.

I have an example
The Jacksons
Title: I Want You Back [Album]

6 Hits discogs#Search by Artist + Title

In the 2nd hit you'll find 1981 but as the 20th word and it's really hard to find

Updated discogs_search scripts with Format and Year columns

Thanks a lot, saves me lots of searching time :slight_smile:

by the way, if I'd like to omit Vinyl and Cassette how should I edit the .src files?
I actually only want to find the CD versions.

I guess i'd have to change something in between lines 60 and 65 :slight_smile:

I get an error whenever I search the discogs database. I realized that I only get this error when I search for an artist that is more than one word. One word searches don't give me the error

Error connecting to server: www.discogs.com

This is the error right out of the box with version 2.42c

I tired the debugging mode but I don't get a debug file until I try searching with one word searches.
Any ideas? I tried searching for this error with only this thread showing up

To test it for yourself, search for Paulo Mojo to get the error and Paulo to successfully get results
Update: I have managed to get this error with one word search queries also. This makes me very confused as to what the issue is. I don't have any AV/Firewall

It works fine here. Are you using the discogs script that ships with Mp3tag or any of the scripts from the forums?

I was using the one that was included with the latest beta release. It works now, though. I think the discogs server was down

doesn't work for this release http://www.discogs.com/JuJuSpaceJazz-Inter...d/release/68419

also have trouble with multidisk release


fixed error with grab * artist

replace in # Album

findinline " - "


findinline " - "

works fine for my modified version dano script

Thanks Morrison, it solved my problem with "*" in artists titles.

Dano, i'm using your script to get info by discogs release ID and there is one problem - is it posible to get info about featuring artists and to make it apear in the track title (http://www.discogs.com/Zero-T-Cheap-Shots/release/1470908 track nr. 8 -> 08. Rising Sun (feat. Steo) )

Hi Dano!

First nice script :music:

I have modified your discogs-Search by Artist + Title.src for my use. Here are the changes i have made

  1. The search result is now sorted by the release year
  2. Get the full release Date in 2 Tags (Date and ORIGYEAR; which is recommed for Traktor DJ Studio)
  3. Its usefull to fill the Genre-Tag with the Style (for DJ-Soft like VirtualDJ & Co.)

And here are the needed code for the changes

  1. [quote] [IndexUrl]=http://www.discogs.com/search?type=all&q=%s&btn=Go&sort=year,asc [/quote]
  2. [quote] deleted, because there were errors - look down at EDITed text [/quote]
  3. [quote] # Genre=Style outputto "Genre" findline "Style:" joinuntil "" killtag "*" regexpreplace "\s+" " " findinline "Style:" sayrest [/quote]

EDIT: There is an error in the second posted code - sorry. If there only is a release year, it put too much text in the tag!!! Try to resolve it.

EDIT2: I found a reason to solve the problem. But it uses only the search code of your posted script, which search in the html-code of the page. But nice, because in html the result includes more information like format and release year and the results can be sort in the list. In xml-search that isnt possible!! :rolleyes:

After choose a release from this result list, the script loaded the xml-information from the release, so it is possible to add an Date-Tag in form YYYY-MM-DD needed by some DJ-Soft.

Best regards,