[WS] Discogs Album search + VA

It works fine here. Are you using the discogs script that ships with Mp3tag or any of the scripts from the forums?

I was using the one that was included with the latest beta release. It works now, though. I think the discogs server was down

doesn't work for this release http://www.discogs.com/JuJuSpaceJazz-Inter...d/release/68419

also have trouble with multidisk release


fixed error with grab * artist

replace in # Album

findinline " - "


findinline " - "

works fine for my modified version dano script

Thanks Morrison, it solved my problem with "*" in artists titles.

Dano, i'm using your script to get info by discogs release ID and there is one problem - is it posible to get info about featuring artists and to make it apear in the track title (http://www.discogs.com/Zero-T-Cheap-Shots/release/1470908 track nr. 8 -> 08. Rising Sun (feat. Steo) )

Hi Dano!

First nice script :music:

I have modified your discogs-Search by Artist + Title.src for my use. Here are the changes i have made

  1. The search result is now sorted by the release year
  2. Get the full release Date in 2 Tags (Date and ORIGYEAR; which is recommed for Traktor DJ Studio)
  3. Its usefull to fill the Genre-Tag with the Style (for DJ-Soft like VirtualDJ & Co.)

And here are the needed code for the changes

  1. [quote] [IndexUrl]=http://www.discogs.com/search?type=all&q=%s&btn=Go&sort=year,asc [/quote]
  2. [quote] deleted, because there were errors - look down at EDITed text [/quote]
  3. [quote] # Genre=Style outputto "Genre" findline "Style:" joinuntil "" killtag "*" regexpreplace "\s+" " " findinline "Style:" sayrest [/quote]

EDIT: There is an error in the second posted code - sorry. If there only is a release year, it put too much text in the tag!!! Try to resolve it.

EDIT2: I found a reason to solve the problem. But it uses only the search code of your posted script, which search in the html-code of the page. But nice, because in html the result includes more information like format and release year and the results can be sort in the list. In xml-search that isnt possible!! :rolleyes:

After choose a release from this result list, the script loaded the xml-information from the release, so it is possible to add an Date-Tag in form YYYY-MM-DD needed by some DJ-Soft.

Best regards,

Hi, is there any way to get the Vinylno. (eg, instead of track numbers I want "A1", "B2", etc) using these scripts?

I've tried other scripts that claim they have this feature (Ydope's?) but can't seem to get them working.

Have a look at this one: Discogs Catalog# ID in Tag schreiben

Modify the code for your needs (the output tags! there's also the Mixartist for each track) and/or copy it to the script of your choice.

Hi dano,

I noticed that your discogs-Search by Artist.src doesn't find as much albums like this one Discogs Catalog# ID in Tag schreiben.

Yours got 20 hits and mine 45 for the artist Seelenluft - do you know why?
I'm not so experienced in programming, unfortunately.


Great, thanks.

Any plans on adding more imports? for example DISCNUMBER?

I've added Discnumber and Track Temp to Release ID extended
Track Temp gets Vinyl number or track number for multiple disc releases

Hey Dano, thanks for such a great script has been very useful to me but, Discogs have changed the page layout and the script no longer works. Do you plan on updating?

You can try the updated discogs_release_id

thanks a lot for the update! now it works!

Great thats just what i needed, works like a charm. Thanks!

Ein wenig verfeinert. Hier ist das Suchergebnis aufsteigend nach Jahrgängen sortiert, und die Trackliste beinhaltet zusätzlich die Titellänge.

discogs_Search_by_Artist___Title_sorted_by_year.src (7.13 KB)


discogs_Search_by_Artist___Title_sorted_by_year.src (7.13 KB)

Only English here, script doesn't work btw.

Hi Dano! Sorry for wrote in German before.

Little change in your script. With this modificated script the search result comes sorted up by release-date, and in the tracklist you can see the length of the titles.

The script has worked for me until yesterday but today it doesnt, because discogs have actually changed their source.
Your original script doesnt work too since today :wink:

Here the changes i have made in the script:

  1. Searchresults sorting up by release_date

  2. Show the length of the titles in the tracklisting
    in # VA-mode after Artist AND some lines down between else and killtag "*" insert this

Best regards,

Now all scripts are updated, I have also added "_length"