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Pufas, morrison, you guys ROCK! :smiley:


If you change RELEASEDATE to RELEASETIME and change the format to 2009-11-19 it will show up correctly in iTunes "Release Date"...


1768926 have error in tracklist )

update: v2.05. i also included action RELEASETIME so you wouldn't need to retag all your files to get RELEASETIME, just drop your all files and run RELEASETIME action. RELEASETIME tag should appear, then you can delete this action.

Pufas, I'm sure you believed it when you wrote those words. :laughing:

Hi Pufas,

Thanks for the RELEASETIME Action!

For none of these three releases 455068, 777704 and 1320765 the COMPOSER comes out correct also for the Vinyl ones the Vinyl Track Number is not saved (maybe as designed?).

Apart from that everything runs smooooooooth, thanks!


ps. Some weeks ago I added this "More options in the Tag Source dialog" thread about some things I would like to see in future versions of Mp3tag that are all related to the visual interface of using your WebScript. Please feel free to support me on this.

lol, i sure did, when i posted it, i'd already forgotten all about regexp and how my script was working, but when i saw that people were trying to fix my script, i kinda changed my mind, hah.
it's really nice when someone is interested in your hard work.

all works just fine for me, btw composer is tagged this way - composer, producer, music by, written by, "tracks" in overall credits are ignored.

And we are....we really appreciate all you've done with this script...even Morrison who refuses to let you take a day off. :laughing:

Just a reminder to you: You need to either upgrade your profile to reflect what version of mp3tag you are using (it says you are using v2.44e) and/or upgrade to v2.45. :slight_smile:

OK, fine, then I know what to expect. Amazing job with the script! Thanks!

QUOTE (morrison @ Nov 18 2009, 10:35) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Heres two my mods for Pufas script, maybe it can help you. Just replace header part of Pufas script by this (I cut this from another websources :rolleyes:)
# Pufas discogs script search mod
[Name]=Discogs XML AA
[SearchBy]=%artist% %album%


# Join Lines
JoinUntil "</resp>"

# Result
    findinline "<result num"
# Title
    sayregexp "(?<=<title>)[^<]+(?=</title>)" ", " "</result>"
    say "|"
    sayregexp "(?<=release/)[^<]+(?=</uri>)" ", " "</result>"
    say "?f=xml&api_key=1e48c7f4e4"
    say "|"
    sayregexp "(?<=<uri>)[^<]+(?=</uri>)" ", " "</result>"
    say "|"
# Comment
    sayregexp "(?<=<summary>)[^<]+(?=</summary>)" ", " "</result>"
    findinline "</result>"
while "<result num"


I did not dare ask Pufa's about these improvements, because already made them myself and had many other issues)

:angry: OK, now I've spent a considerable time with copy and pasting from other web sources to get the info I want and I fail miserably every time. I either get empty fields OR correctly filled fields but when I click Next I get "Sorry, no entries are matching your search criteria"... I'm trying to get the same info as in dano's Artist+Album script = ARTIST, ALBUM, YEAR, FORMAT, PUBLISHER, CATALOG and INFO (TOTALTRACKS would be great to..). Scripting is so obviously NOT one of my talents...

Help, please?! :unsure:

Here's 2.05 script mod. All as I write before.


Discogs_xml_all_mod.zip (1.76 KB)

morrison. Thank you, but I did understand your very good instructions the first time and I have created a script exactly as the one you attached now. The thing I was asking for in my last post was that that script, when listing all indexed hits on that album, only shows:


...and I'm looking to get the same as info as in dano's attached Artist+Album script which is:

Info% plus %totaltracks% if possible.

If I just cut&paste his top plus the [ParserScriptIndex] I always get "Sorry, no entries are matching your search criteria", so it's not working.

Thanks for taking the time looking at this. Hope I made my explenation of what I'm looking for clearer?


ps. The :angry: was aimed at myself for my inability to solve this by my self, you guys are all :w00t: and :sorcerer: !!!

discogs_Search_by_Artist___Album.src (8.89 KB)

sorry for bad understanding, my English very limited (

thanks for update version :w00t:

So, no more bugs, eh? I didn't find any. :slight_smile:
Or everyone forgot this script? :rolleyes:

No bugs, script worked fine and often :laughing:

Yeah, good to known that.

Happy New Year :w00t:

and new glitches from discogs in this year )
258144 release have broken disc and track numbers..

will fix this soon.

Amazing Pufas.

Got a problem getting artwork to import though. Is this a known issue?

Umm, no. Could You give more details?