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Thanks :blush:

Edited first post and posted last version of my script. Next I'm planing to add TOTALTRACKS for vinyls, add DISKSIDENAME and get notes working properly.

Not having much luck with v1.12. I enter a Discogs ID and when the "adjust tag information" window opens up I get the DISCOGSID field in the "Additional information box" and the file in the "Length/Filename" box. Everything else is blank.

Yeah, script was working just fine, somehow I managed to screw it up and upload. I hope to fix this soon. I guess I was to tired yesterday.

EDIT: Fixed & reposted.

No worries. I just thought I had done something on my end to break it. I'll try this new version and report back.

Just tried it and the tracks window worked beautifully. The only problem I see left is when there is more than one person's name in some of the fields.

With some tags you nailed it coz I see:

ENGINEER Person1, Person2

PRODUCER Person1, Person2

But in other fields I see:

ARTWORK Person1Person2

PHOTOGRAPHY Person1Person2

I guess your script doesn't take into account that there might be one than one person who worked on Artwork and Photography.

Yeah, I'm working on that at the moment.

Finally done fixing, all seem to work now (I hope). As always new version of the script is in the first post.

Okay, I had time to try it....I noticed VOCALS tag gets set to the person listed in the Vocals field on the Discogs site, but the Discogs listing Lead Vocals is ignored by your script.

Hmmm, worked fine for me with this. Could you please post what release you where tagging?

nice work Pufas :book: , thanks you

I think what we're dealing with is Discogs not being consistent with how information is displayed. I noticed on your example track the Lead Vocals are listed for each track. However, the release I was testing lists the vocals and lead vocals down in the credits as seen here.

As you can see from the layout of this release it's an excellent test for scripts as it has numerous engineer, photography, and artwork entries. It'd be really nice if the "Notes" section could end up in a tag somewhere, too.

Hope you don't see all my messages as complaining. I just want to help you work all the bugs out. :slight_smile:

Yes, I'll see what I can do. I'll be working with notes, as soon as we're done with credits.
About "complaining" - well, I'm glad to hear it. :slight_smile:

Here is another example of where your otherwise excellent script picks up the backup vocals instead of the lead vocals.

Fixed & re-posted. Now I'll get on to NOTES.
BTW, if you know any release with heavily formatted notes (italic, bold, hyperlinks and ect.), please post it, that would be helpful.

I've been looking for some notes like that, but I guess I either have boring music or nothing really note-worthy as all the releases I have checked so far don't have any formatting like that at all.

I'm done with the notes, but I'll post when I'll fix some more stuff.

I'll keep checking back looking for it then.

cannot receive information about this release - http://www.discogs.com/release/1671758 (I fix this in my temporary version). I think this is because one of main field (Style) is empty.

sorry for my English

I know this bug and I'm working on that.

if this can help, I fix this with this:


gotochar 1
findinline ""
if ""
outputto "STYLE"
replace "" ", "
findinline ""
sayuntil ""


and another strange moment in your script:
if "Vocals"

    outputto "VOCALS"
    outputto "VOCALS"