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Why did you change the style of grabbing the tags between 1.23 and 2.0? Was it only because big releases, like +5 CD's where getting slow? The reason I ask is that I'm not really convinced the new way is better... I really loved how all the different roles where split into separate tags. That gave me the opportunity to populate the "main" tags like I wanted. For instance I populated BAND with ARTIST or FEATURING and/or VOCALS, I don't see how I can do that with the 2.0 style of tagging...

Still, I of cause love what you have done/are doing! Thanks!

lol, never seen so much credits.
I'm having so problems with removing dupe fields, so new version might be bit delayed, when i'll fix all these bugs i'll post 2.02. btw, if you find any new bugs, let me know.

another bug, when tagging digital release (MP3/WAV), like this one:


I get an error..

remove # TOTALTRACKS section from script.

That's because adding more and more roles to the script was not very 'smart'. I think it was developing wrong way. About that FEATURING and/or VOCALS thing, try using format value MIXARTIST or DJMIX as a template.

OK, I understand the problem you where facing, I'll have a look at MIXARTIST & DJMIX to try and learn how to do it. What about AUTHOR/WRITTEN BY on a track level, will MIXARTIST & DJMIX teach me how to do that too? Regards! //Windjammer

As you can see, "Bonus" is written in italic, this means it's a freetext (custom value) and it's not shown in xml, so it's nothing I can do about it.

Here, I've done if for You, use this template, it will extract info both from overall & per track.
Format value:

$replace($regexp($regexp($regexp($regexp($regexp($regexp($regexp($regexp($regexp($regexp($replace($replace($replace($regexp($regexp($regexp($regexp($regexp($regexp($replace($replace(%CREDTMP%%CRTMP%,<artist>,),</artist>,),<anv>'['^<']'*?</anv>,),<tracks>'['^<']'*?</tracks>,),<role>'['^>']'*?Vocals'['^<']'*?</role>,<role>Vocals</role>),<name>('['^>']'*?)</name><role>Vocals</role>,<*name*>\1</*name*><role>Vocals</role>),<role>'['^<']'*?</role>,),<name>'['^<']'*?</name>,),</*name*><*name*>,;),<*name*>,;),</*name*>,;),;('['^;']'*?);\1;,;\1;),;('['^;']'*?);(.*?;)\1;,;\1;\2),;('['^;']'*?);\1;,;\1;),;('['^;']'*?);(.*?;)\1;,;\1;\2),;('['^;']'*?);\1;,;\1;),;('['^;']'*?);(.*?;)\1;,;\1;\2),;('['^;']'*?);\1;,;\1;),;('['^;']'*?);(.*?;)\1;,;\1;\2),^;,),;'$',),;,',' )

Btw, posted v2.02 and we still have issues with TOTALTRACKS with boxets and CD / DVD releases.
EDIT: v2.03.

Good job Pufas thanks man

You're not thinking about the inclusion in MIXARTIST field "Mixed by" role (like in 202429 release) ? Perhaps it would be convenient

No, I think I'll leave it for Remix only.


I just can't find more bugs :w00t:

) small bug

35810 release - error in DISCNAME for last track

i have problem with all releases with two files
artist and title doesn't show unless i click mixed cd - that they aren't , so the script cant rename the songs and crashes

for example 1904244 , 1964190 , 1758300

I'm have another crazy release :flushed:
1804642 - I have this in FLAC - 143 files, 2.4 Gbytes. Actions applies 25 min on my server (coreduo 2.13 4GB RAM) :laughing: . And all tagged right! except vol 7 and half of vol6. And I don't see why.. - bad flac tags, fixed with clear )

You can remove TOTALTRACKS part from a script, before responded Pufas. Should help.

584424 - another release with error in tracks part

Download v2.04, TOTALTRACKS now should work with big box sets, however, tagging CD / DVD and other multi-format releases TOTALTRACKS value will be received total files selected, not CD / DVD or such.


Any plans of a "Search by Album" version? Would be nice since I'm lazy and don't want to go to Discogs.org and find my album first... :rolleyes:


everything's fine now.thanks.

yea, i'll also try to create websource without actions. when I have more free time.

Heres two my mods for Pufas script, maybe it can help you.
Just replace header part of Pufas script by this (I cut this from another websources :rolleyes:)

Artist - Album search, but it can also search by other fields (catalog# for example). Previously, I had a separate script for cat#, then diskogs improved)

# Pufas discogs script search mod
[Name]=Discogs XML AA
[SearchBy]=%artist% %album%


# Join Lines
JoinUntil "</resp>"

# Result
    findinline "<result num"
# Title
    sayregexp "(?<=<title>)[^<]+(?=</title>)" ", " "</result>"
    say "|"
    sayregexp "(?<=release/)[^<]+(?=</uri>)" ", " "</result>"
    say "?f=xml&api_key=1e48c7f4e4"
    say "|"
    sayregexp "(?<=<uri>)[^<]+(?=</uri>)" ", " "</result>"
    say "|"
# Comment
    sayregexp "(?<=<summary>)[^<]+(?=</summary>)" ", " "</result>"
    findinline "</result>"
while "<result num"


Second mod - receive http URL in search window (fist mod also receive http instead of xml) for ID search script:

# Pufas discogs script http URL mod
[Name]=Discogs XML ID


# Join Lines
JoinUntil "</resp>"
findinline "<release id=\""
sayuntil "\" status"
say "?f=xml&api_key=1e48c7f4e4"
say "|"
gotochar 1
findinline "<release id=\"" 
say "http://www.discogs.com/release/"
sayuntil "\" status"


I did not dare ask Pufas about these improvements, because already made them myself and had many other issues)

hah! nice work :slight_smile: