[WS] Discogs (pone mod)

vielen dank an dieser stelle!
deine arbeit ist so viel wert für mich und bestimmt auch für tausend andere.

ich habe dein script in nur 5 minuten für individualisiert und arbeite sehr sehr gern damit. jetzt bin ich immer wieder auf ältere .ape (image+.cue) rips gestoßen und hab sie erstmal ausgelassen, weil ich nicht weiß, wie ich die taggen sollte. ist es möglich und sinnvoll, auch dafür dein script zu verwenden?

Many thanks for this!
your work is worth so much to me and certainly for a thousand others.

I customized your script in just 5 minutes, now it saves me hours so im very vers happy with it. Now i got some ape files here (image +. cue) left them out first, because I do not know how to tag that best way. is it possible and useful to use your script for this?

Good English, can't find anything horrible in it.
And thanks for your kind words.

I have no experience with ape files, so I don't know for sure.
But I often have a mp3 file with a cue file. In this case, a whole CD is ripped into one mp3 file and a cue file acompanies it, which has informations about the different tracks.
With that files, I first tag the mp3 file with my script. Then I have actiongroup which over writes the ARTIST & TITLE with ALBUMARTIST & ALBUM and deletes MIXARTIST. After that i load the cue file into mp3tag and tag it also with the script. The only thing which I have to correct manually it the albumartist of the cue file, which has to be written in the "ALBUM ARTIST" field instead of "ALBUMARTIST".
And you have to drag cue files separately into Mp3Tag. If you drag a folder into Mp3Tag, only audiofiles are read and cue files are omitted.

Hello, apologies for this but how do I install this script? I have read instructions on the first page but don't understand how to load it (stage 4) - Sorry! Thanks!

Simply load the "Discogs Pone Web Script Settings.mp3" file into Mp3tag per Drag & Drop (or Menu > File > Change Directory) as if it was a normal mp3 file.

hi pone
is it possible to change this behavior:

to this:


i set up my foobar playlist view as you can see it below. so i will be more happy if tracks would start from 1 again for disc 2.. is there any chance to do so with your mod?

unfortunatelly not.
The TRACK & the TITLE fields have a fixed place in the web sources structure of Mp3tag and can't be changed by any scirpt.
I have tried serveral things to work around this, my small success is described here: /t/11831/1
You can add this code to my script with the "TEXT OPTION: FREE WEB SOURCES SCRIPT CODE FOR STANDARD SCRIPTS" field of the setting mp3 file. But as I mention in the linked thread, the solution seems to be somewhat unstable.
And you should also test what happens when you come to a release where TRACK TEMP is not written (standard 1 CD releases).

Personally, I handle this problem with this stored action group, which I execute after the web script use at double CDs:

Action: Format Value
Field: TRACK
Formatstring: %discnumber%$num(%Track Temp%,2)

This gives you tracknumbers like 101, 102, 103, ... 201, 202, 203, .... For your desired format, leave away %discnumber% in the formatstring.

Or you can use Mp3tag Autonumbering Wizard, if you have the different discs in different folders. Press Ctrl + K and check "Reset counter for each directory".

OK, thanks very much! I'm now at step 7 but can't see the option to create scripts. Apologies again; I'm very new/stupid to these things. Thanks!

You're welcome!

It's in the menu bar: Actions > Discogs Pone > Create Scripts (after editing the settings mp3 file)

At the same place where the "Update Settings Mp3 File" action of step 5 is.
If it is not there, you have probably moved the files in the wrong folder at step 2:

  • the .mta files must go into the ...\Mp3tag\data\actions folder
  • the .mte files must go into the ...\Mp3tag\export folder

I think I have it set up now, Pone. There were some files in the wrong place. Thanks very much!


Pone - Your scripts are proving invaluable addition to mp3tag for correcting my recently re-ripped CD collection. :music:

I have a suggestion for enhancement when dealing with discogs lookup;

Most, if not all of my compilation cds are 2 CD's or more. All the tracks are within the same folder.
eg \Disco Kandi. In the folder there are two track 1's, two track 2's etc etc.

Using the Pone discogs search I find the Disco Kandi release, which ultimately gives my the discogs track display on the left and my ripped tracks on the right. However, my tracks on the right are not ordered by cd disk number.

Would it be possible to request an enhancement to pone disocgs script so that list on the right is ordered in first instance by disk number, then by track number? It would save a lot of time!

The file list on the right is ordered exactly like the file list in the Mp3tag main window. This can't be changed by the script. But you can change it easily in the Mp3tag main window before using the script. To sort by discnumber, you may have to add that collumn if you haven't yet:

from the FAQs:
You can also add additional file list columns for extended tag fields via View > Customize Columns... and edit the tag fields directly in the file list.

just forgot to mention my thanks for your replies above. they are helpful. so.. thanks! :laughing:

The newest changes on Discogs broke the script unfortunately.

Update 3.7:

Discogs changed the way they present Label & Catalog#. This broke the script. Fixed now.

At some discogs releases there where additional spaces in the TITLE field between the track name and the name of the remix in parenthesis. This is fixed now.

The search scripts presented the data in the wrong columns at the index window when the year is missing at a release. This is fixed now.

  • see starting post for download -

Wow Pone you are fast !! I think 99% of the users haven't noticed yet that Discogs made changes, and it's already fixed !


Hi, halfway through tagging 40Gb of music :music: but the Discogs script has changed and I can't tag from the ID release any longer.

Is there an update available or a particular thread to watch?

Thanks in advance :smiley:

There is a update from today and this is the right thread to watch.
Have you downloaded the 3.7 update?

At first: Thanks for the mod. It's a great help all the time.
And thanks for fixing the changes so fast.

But with the last update, no covers are shown with a search in discogs. :rolleyes: