[WS] Discogs (pone mod)

this release, yes?

That's hard to fix with a script, because the discogs page is formated as if there were three tracks on each side instead of only one.
There is no chance for the script to distinguish between such a release as your example, and "normal" releases like these:

I had the same problem with other releases a few times and formated the titles manually.
But the "main titles" are not lost, they are written in a tag field called "CHAPTER"
A solution to use this with my scirpts would be:

step 1:
use one of my standard scripts and move the second track to the forth postion in the window shown at your screen shot.

step 2:
use my "tracklist for DJ sets in one file" script to get the track names into the UNSYNCEDLYRICS field.

step 3:
Action: Format Value
Field: TITLE
Formatstring: %chapter%

Works, thank you very much.

Hi pone,

Sorry for my delay in replying. Here is an example for you:

The artist Alemo on the EevoNext label - in a standard Discogs search shows as Alemo (2) here:


which currently only has 1 release - "Future Veterans"

whereas a search for Alemo in Discogs Digital shows me 2 releases here:


which shows a 2nd release titled "We Aim To Please" the url for this title is


so the ID for this is 1627620, which currently will not work with your script.

To give a slightly different example, this title: Estroe – Drifting EP

which is on the same label, has 2 different pages, one for standard Discogs here:


and one for the digital release here:


which as you can see, use 2 different ID's.

Could you add an option for 'Direct by Discogs Digital ID' maybe?

Also, if I try 'Direct by URL' the address for the Digital release shown above is not currently recognised.

What do you think?

All the best, Neil

I was not aware of the existence of discogs.com/digital.
As far as I see, this is primary an online mp3 store. I don't understand why they haven't done it in a way which creates a discogs.com/release page for every discogs.com/mp3 page. Maybe the will do so soon as the discogs.com/release database already includes many digital releases (for example nearly all of the EvoNext releases are digital releases with the Format shown as "File"). How long does this online store exist now?

A first look on the discogs.com/mp3 pages shows me that there are some essential differences in the page structure. It will be hard to adapt the script to work for both sites. Most propably it would be neccesary to write some extra scripts, especially since the discogs.com/mp3 pages are not listed at the normal discogs searches. But maybe I can addapt the "Direct by Discogs Digital ID" & "Direct by URL" script to work for boths versions.

Another "proplem" is the different inforamtion on the two pages. "Alemo (2)" is called "Alemo" at the store (ok, i hate that (2) anyway), the "EvoNext" label is called "Evo Next Holland" at the store (this is really annoying), and the shop doesn't have a bigger version of the cover picture, no mixartists, no credits, no notes, no country.

So maybe I will add a extra search script for that or adapt the direct by... scripts. I will have to have a closer look at these pages first. But I haven't so much spare time at the moment, so don't expect this scripts coming soon.

No worries, I thought it may be of interest to you.

I agree, it is really frustrating that the two pages often seem to have different details! :huh:

Maybe you will adapt the script in some way - once you have time to do so, that is.

Keep up all of your excellent work, it's very much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Hi Pone, I see you've been really busy. It's been like 8 months since I last updated your script to 2.3, and look at the version number now :open_mouth:

The script just keeps getting better and better. Last time we talked about having a choice between input fields for release notes. Now you've made it not only a reality and not only a choice, but completely editable even without scripting skills. How awesome is that?

Now, if we'd only have a way to autolaunch file rename the instant you use a web source script...

Hi Pone

What does your script offer over the normal Discogs script? Your first page doesn't really give much information as to what it offers if you have never seen or used this script?

From what i can see it sounds like it works in a completely different way to usual, but I'm unsure from your information as to what benefits it gives.

Look forward to your response

  • 14 different ways to seach, based on differnent tag fields and using different approaches at discogs
  • it finds all information from discogs, not only the basic tag fields
  • you can easily edit the script without script code knowledge to decide:
- what information you want from discogs - in what tag fields you want to write this information - special ways to write this infromation for many fields, e.g.:
- "Artist (2)" can be written as "Artist" - "Artist, The" can be written as "The Artist" - Genre and Styled can be comined in the Genre field, and you can decide if you want it as mulitvalue tag or simply seperated by a comma.
- correct tracklists for releases which combine different songs into one track - the abbility to write the tracklist of the whole release into a tag field (usefull for mix cds which are ripped into one file) - the abbility to create a cue file for cds which are ripped into one file

For a full list of the available potential tag fields, the different options to edit the script and the different ways to search see starting post.

The script itself works in the normal way for Mp3tag web sources sripts. What is different is the installation and two extra web scripts.

The different "installation" process is necessary to enable the user of the script to edit the script and make the desitions described above. To achieve this I came to the trick with the little mp3 file and Mp3tag export function. What you are downloading not the script itself. It is a little "dummy" mp3, which has special tag fields for all options you have at the script. By changing the tag fields, you decide the way you want to edit the script. With this file come different export scrits (one export script for every way to search discogs plus some export scripts which create special action groups) and a action group which triggers all the export scripts.

The extra web scripts are for special discogs releases which can't be written in the normal way. After finding the release whith one of the normal scipts and tagging it provisionally, you use this script to get the tags right in a second go.
The first is for releases which combine more songs (written in different lines at discogs) in one track (meaning on CD track position what normally means one mp3 file).
And the second is for CDs (usually DJ-Mix-CDs) which are ripped into one single mp3 file.

Just try it, that will make things clearer. And ask if you have any trouble.

Update 3.6:

3.5 is still working. I just found a few things which I thought I could optimize.

I further optimized the differnt search modes.

  • It seems as if discogs has a problem with 's in the search phrases, so I let it disapear in the search string. This is the case for advanced search with Album(Artist), Album and Publisher. For some reason 's in the Title causes no proplems.
  • Common linking words between artists are left out for advanced search, because it is often the case that discogs uses different words. The leftout words: featuring|feat|ft|presents|pres|and|vs|w/|+|/|&
  • Featuring, feat & ft of titles together with the following artist name for advanced search for advanced search.
  • The scripts now find the standard tag fields for search even if you have set these fields to "no" in the opitons.
  • Direct by url uses now always lower case letters.
  • The year is now filterd out of longer date & time expressions in the tag field.

A little bug crept into the last version of the script. When the album credits had an artist with ", The" in the name, it was not transformed to "The " correctly.

When a label name contained a vertical bar "|" it was divided into different label names for each track. That is fixed now by replacing the vertical bar with a slash "/".

If an album title contained the character "<" it was cut off at this position. That is fixed now.

Cue sheet creation works now also for single artist releases.

Cue sheets work now also for artist and title names with quotationmarks in them. They are now replaced by two single quotationmarks, which looks the same, but helps for the cuesheet to be formated correctly.

Cue files were always put into the working directory, now they are always put into the same directory where the corresponding mp3 is stored.

Thanks for downloading! 638 downloads of the old version gives me real motivation to develop the script further.

  • see starting post for download -

vielen dank an dieser stelle!
deine arbeit ist so viel wert für mich und bestimmt auch für tausend andere.

ich habe dein script in nur 5 minuten für individualisiert und arbeite sehr sehr gern damit. jetzt bin ich immer wieder auf ältere .ape (image+.cue) rips gestoßen und hab sie erstmal ausgelassen, weil ich nicht weiß, wie ich die taggen sollte. ist es möglich und sinnvoll, auch dafür dein script zu verwenden?

Many thanks for this!
your work is worth so much to me and certainly for a thousand others.

I customized your script in just 5 minutes, now it saves me hours so im very vers happy with it. Now i got some ape files here (image +. cue) left them out first, because I do not know how to tag that best way. is it possible and useful to use your script for this?

Good English, can't find anything horrible in it.
And thanks for your kind words.

I have no experience with ape files, so I don't know for sure.
But I often have a mp3 file with a cue file. In this case, a whole CD is ripped into one mp3 file and a cue file acompanies it, which has informations about the different tracks.
With that files, I first tag the mp3 file with my script. Then I have actiongroup which over writes the ARTIST & TITLE with ALBUMARTIST & ALBUM and deletes MIXARTIST. After that i load the cue file into mp3tag and tag it also with the script. The only thing which I have to correct manually it the albumartist of the cue file, which has to be written in the "ALBUM ARTIST" field instead of "ALBUMARTIST".
And you have to drag cue files separately into Mp3Tag. If you drag a folder into Mp3Tag, only audiofiles are read and cue files are omitted.

Hello, apologies for this but how do I install this script? I have read instructions on the first page but don't understand how to load it (stage 4) - Sorry! Thanks!

Simply load the "Discogs Pone Web Script Settings.mp3" file into Mp3tag per Drag & Drop (or Menu > File > Change Directory) as if it was a normal mp3 file.

hi pone
is it possible to change this behavior:

to this:


i set up my foobar playlist view as you can see it below. so i will be more happy if tracks would start from 1 again for disc 2.. is there any chance to do so with your mod?

unfortunatelly not.
The TRACK & the TITLE fields have a fixed place in the web sources structure of Mp3tag and can't be changed by any scirpt.
I have tried serveral things to work around this, my small success is described here: /t/11831/1
You can add this code to my script with the "TEXT OPTION: FREE WEB SOURCES SCRIPT CODE FOR STANDARD SCRIPTS" field of the setting mp3 file. But as I mention in the linked thread, the solution seems to be somewhat unstable.
And you should also test what happens when you come to a release where TRACK TEMP is not written (standard 1 CD releases).

Personally, I handle this problem with this stored action group, which I execute after the web script use at double CDs:

Action: Format Value
Field: TRACK
Formatstring: %discnumber%$num(%Track Temp%,2)

This gives you tracknumbers like 101, 102, 103, ... 201, 202, 203, .... For your desired format, leave away %discnumber% in the formatstring.

Or you can use Mp3tag Autonumbering Wizard, if you have the different discs in different folders. Press Ctrl + K and check "Reset counter for each directory".

OK, thanks very much! I'm now at step 7 but can't see the option to create scripts. Apologies again; I'm very new/stupid to these things. Thanks!

You're welcome!

It's in the menu bar: Actions > Discogs Pone > Create Scripts (after editing the settings mp3 file)

At the same place where the "Update Settings Mp3 File" action of step 5 is.
If it is not there, you have probably moved the files in the wrong folder at step 2:

  • the .mta files must go into the ...\Mp3tag\data\actions folder
  • the .mte files must go into the ...\Mp3tag\export folder

I think I have it set up now, Pone. There were some files in the wrong place. Thanks very much!


Pone - Your scripts are proving invaluable addition to mp3tag for correcting my recently re-ripped CD collection. :music:

I have a suggestion for enhancement when dealing with discogs lookup;

Most, if not all of my compilation cds are 2 CD's or more. All the tracks are within the same folder.
eg \Disco Kandi. In the folder there are two track 1's, two track 2's etc etc.

Using the Pone discogs search I find the Disco Kandi release, which ultimately gives my the discogs track display on the left and my ripped tracks on the right. However, my tracks on the right are not ordered by cd disk number.

Would it be possible to request an enhancement to pone disocgs script so that list on the right is ordered in first instance by disk number, then by track number? It would save a lot of time!