[WS] Discogs (pone mod)

When I try to get data from Discogs using the pone mod I get this message in the last days:

401: Unauthorized

Any solution?

Have a look at this thread: /t/17761/1


I do wonder about one thing, mp3taglover. Could your script get YEAR from master release while everything else from actual release? Small thing that I can easily enter myself, but hey, if it can be done, why not?

I never get master release from discogs. You can parse from json master_url and get json from it and parse again "year" from it to embed.

I'm sorry but you will have to do this yourself.

Florian replied in another topic on this bug:

[F] Discogs - Error >> 401 : UNAUTHORIZED

and the solution is there as well at post #7
[F] Discogs - Error >> 401 : UNAUTHORIZED


It seams that importing tags from Discogs is broken. I am not getting track names, artist year etc as you can see in the picture. I tried to look for release by id.

Release id 562191

Picture is attached

I also get 401 error in some cases even if I change all mta Discog Pone files by replacing http to https.

It works just fine.

  1. Update your mp3tag
  2. Change http:// to https:// everywhere in the script
  3. Re-login with your account on discogs with a browser (mp3tag will redirect you to that page) and allow mp3tag to use discogs API.

Perhaps it's just me, but since discogs went all HTTPS, it's been really slow.

It's working, because I did the updates, but the speed has become positively glacial.

Is it just me, or is this something others have found as well?

Once I deleted the cover read script it's been flying, its useless to me as I edit all my cover art.

I'm sorry - how do you do no.2 on this list?

Close MP3tag
Search the location of the script on the mass storage.
Open it with a plain text editor like the Windows Editor.
Use the search/replace function of the editor.
Save the modified file
Start MP3tag.

Perfect - thank you

Concur on this - once I knew how to edit the script, it breezed through at the old speed. For some reason the cover script had been uploading a blank file anyway, so not having this is better from my point of view

Not working. Every occurrence of http replaced with https. Logged of, logged on on website. Haven't seen any request from MP3TAG for a token or so. OAuth error. Discarding my current mp3tag.cfg is out of question.

Any ideas?

Every time I switch ip or reboot my PC I have the re-authenticate with Discogs now, is there anyway around this or is it the new normal? It's pretty annoying.

Regarding covers, its mentioned earlier in this thread ... but for those too lazy to jump back 2 pages, delete the old cover section, then add this to the bottom.

json "ON"


json_foreach "images"
json_select "type"
if "primary"
set "coverurl"
json_select "uri"
outputto "coverurl"
say "http://cache.mp3tag.de/coxy"
sayregexp "(?<=.com).*"

The earlier thread has an extra parse for the cover if its not primary, but this is good enough for me ... thanks go to the poster of this!

Anyone know how to get the "genre/style" to replace "drum n bass" with "drum & bass" using regex (i couldn't figure it out and gave up quick) but i've been annoyed with discogs ever since they changed it!

If you mean on the discogs website, this happens to me too :frowning:

Luckily my browser has my username / password cached so its not too painful.

I do this in the actions script.

1=$if($eql(%STYLE%,),%GENRE%,$replace($replace($replace($replace($regexp(%STYLE%,^('['^','']'*)','?.*,\\\\1),Drum n Bass,Drum & Bass),Breakbeat,Beat),Breaks,Beat),Dubstep,Bass))

this replaces Breakbeat, Breaks with Beat and Dubstep with Bass alongside Drum n Bass with Drum & Bass.

Have I only getting info from discogs problem?