[WS] Discogs (pone mod)


Oh yeah, about the actual discogs pone 4.4 script. I too have problems with it. Tried just "Direct by direct ID" option and missing ARTIST, YEAR, GENRE, TRACKNUMBER, TITLE,...maybe something more.

Luckily, mp3taglover's one is a great alternative.


Pone hasn't been seen since November, I'm worried his script won't be updated, there seems to be 2 pones working with Discogs presently the stock & mp3taglover's I'm attempting to modify the stock to fit my needs, I'm stuck at adding a Albumartist field sometimes I think it would be faster to manual tag as I've been at this all day & I'm literally years behind in tagging with 4 GB left on my hard drive presently.


I feel exactly the same @ blackbeen. I really like and appreciate mp3taglover's script too but it has far too many fields for my needs and sadly, I am so so rubbish at editing scripts and things, I'm clueless. I end up making things worse. It looks like I too may have to resort to manually tagging things, or use foobar again - which I don't particularly want to :frowning:


I usedDiscogs json all ID and I don't get the artist either. any help would be appreciated on what to change and where? cover is also missing, im not great with scrips but dangerous enough.. It looks like artist has been commented out and missing a line or 2 of code maybe??




What's wrong with credits? It looks exactly like on discogs:

and on discogs:

I think it's possible to add, will look later into it.


after you tagged with my websources script, you need to select certain files, hit alt+6 and select there at least 1 action:

  1. Discogs_xml

press ok, after that it will be there.

You can edit actions/1. Discogs_XML.mta and in action #74 list all tags you don't need so they will be erased after applying action.


Apologies, I missed one important step. Haven't done the Alt+6 part, just fooled around with Discogs_json_all_ID.src, which wasn't a great idea, but it worked for me sans CREDITS part.

Will restore the original .src file, and check what options are there in Discogs_XML.

Thanks again, and looking forward to possible CHAPTER implementation!


I had similar trouble and following the http -> https instruction i was able to get it to work by doing the following:

Edit the "Discogs &Pone# Direct by Discogs &ID.src" file (as its the direct by ID one i use)
globally replace http with https (not just the two or three at the top)

I did notice this gave a fairly slow reponse, so i removed the section relating to covers ( as that doesn't work at all ):

#< ## COVER #
outputto "coverurl"
findinline ""thumb":" 1 1
if " ""
findinline "-150-" 1 1
say "https://s.pixogs.com/image/R-"
sayuntil """
gotochar 1#>

now it works as it did before (but still no cover images).


Seems to work now, I don't know what I missed unless it was a http entry.


@ SecretSquizza: Thank you SO much for that tip. I didn't think about adding 's' to all the http tags in the script, nor did I think about removing the COVER parts. You are absolutely right, it now works perfectly fine again (minus the covers - which I never had anyway).

Also big thanks to mp3taglover: I will now also re-try your script. Many thanks for explaining in more detail how to remove fields - much appreciated.

It's good to see people helping one another on this thread.

Thanks, guys. Thanks a lot.



Could not get it to work even after replacing "http" with "https" on the scripts.

Someone could please upload an updated, working version of our beloved Discogs pone mod scripts?


Here's my working pone script by ID

Be aware it has my field mappings in it, so may not be perfect for your tagging needs!

Discogs__Pone__Direct_by_Discogs__ID.src (18.3 KB)


Here's one with images working (added the discogs.src cover url section to the end of the Pone script which seemed to fix it (with the json "ON" line declared at the top))

Discogs__Pone__Direct_by_Discogs__ID.src (18.9 KB)


Not quite working!

Here is a better version, seems to work on releases with single or multiple images. Not that efficient though with two loops. Moved the json "on" command to the bottom also this time.

Discogs__Pone__Direct_by_Discogs__ID.src (19.1 KB)


Thank you, but I use "Direct by URL". Not working, so previous posts saying to replace http with https are wrong.

Here is the error:

Where is the topic author?


Did you mean chapters under:


If so, it's already implemented in DISCNAME tag:

He's no longer here to maintain his script for few last years, busy in real life I guess.


Yep, that was it. Excellent, with a bit of some editing, got it to tag exactly the way I like it.

Much appreciated again!


When I try to get data from Discogs using the pone mod I get this message in the last days:

401: Unauthorized

Any solution?


Have a look at this thread: /t/17761/1