[WS] Discogs (pone mod)

In UPDATE (v2.7) a new tag field called CHAPTER was introduced.
The chapters or disc names found as headlines above or between the tracklist at discogs.
Look at this pages for examples:
It works fine but I don't understand how to make use of it or which software makes use of it.
I can't get it to work in Logitech Media Server / Slimserver?
Is there a way?

Kind Regards

Hi Johan,
here some basic information about chapter mark:

most player out there can not handle chapter. you need a player where you can add custom library field and maybe it work.
for me I use JRiver https://www.jriver.com/
and I add this field in my library. check out the uploaded pic.

JRiver is not for free but for me the best player out there coz I have a hug collection and no other player can handle my few mp3 :wink: . this player have some more cool features

regards jokertest

For the love of god, can anyone help me out? I'm trying to assign the track number in multidisc releases to the track field, and disc number to the discnumber field, easy as that.
I only get combinations of track+discnumber in the TRACK tag, e.g. track 1.1

I would like track 1.1 to have 01 as TRACK and 1 as disc number.

I'm guessing it has something to do with the track positions as mentioned on Discogs.
Is there any way I can tell the script that track position 1.1 (or 1-1 for that matter) means "discnumber.track" (or discnumber-track)?

UPDATE: just found out!
I had to remove "TRACK" in the line below.

Trackposition (as written on discogs page): >TRACK

  • write Trackposition only for Vinyl & Cassettes >no

+1 on this!

401 :frowning:


[WS] Discogs (pone mod)

Respect for the excellent script. :slight_smile:
I have some questions to configure.
At the beginning of:

  1. How to disable save in tags: artist, album and titles.

    Part of the music is well tagged and I just want to upgrade with additional information from the discogs.

  2. Format settings - Format (complete) -

    In the list of results shows: ... Vinyl, LP, Remastered, Compilation
    And writes to the tags: ......... 2 x Vinyl, LP,, "Compilation", Remastered,, "Compilation", Compilation,, 180g, ...... (I prefer the version from the list of results)

  3. How to set Releasetype (eg Album, Compilation) and Releasestatus (eg Official, Unofficial Release)

2 and 3 SOLVED

Hi, do you plan on publishing it on github?

Another question: can you make a tutorial to explain how we can fect info from a release ID?
I really don't understand the explanations you give in the first post...
Thanks :slight_smile:

No tutorial, sorry. I started something like that several times. To messy for me,too.

In the settings file, you can leave every place for tag field names empty. These tag fields are not written at all.

In your case, at "ARTIST NAMES":
Artist - Primary Name: >
Artist - Name Variation: >

Album: >
Title: >

I use foobar2000 which can show every custom mp3 field you want.

Another option would be to use COMMENT for this information (it's called track index at discogs).
Go to "OTHER FIELDS & OPTIONS" and write:
Track Index: >COMMENT

Or you add it to the ALBUM tag field with an mp3tag action.
Format Tag-Field: ALBUM
$if(%chapter%,%album% '('%chapter%')',%album%)

I thought I would have built some option into the script to combine Album and Track Index into one field. But I can't find that now. If there is a purpose for that mybe a can make an update.
But I guess I won't find the time

What do you mean by "music". Genre or Style?

If you adapt the script you can search for all categories you see here: https://www.discogs.com/search/advanced

Here is a little explanation with the right trigger words:

  • take the .src file one of the existing "Search by (Album)Artist + ..." scripts
  • go to the line which starts with "[SearchBy]="
  • replace the part after "&" with "&genre=%GENRE%" or (maybe better): "&style=%GENRE%"

No sorry.
The track number format used here isn't covered by the "discogs pone/tracklist for albums with multi song track" script.
I won't have the time to debug this. Especially because when I try to do this, various other track numbering format would be read wrong.

You could go to discogs and format the page like this one:

Can you give the release IDs of a few examples?
Maybe I can look into this.

No. Discogs scripts work only one release (album/single/ep/compilation) at a time.

I remember eliminating things like "-", "CD1" to avoid redundant information which is sometime given as track index at discogs.
I don't know why it leads to a problem here. Maybe I find the time to look into this

QUOTE (JmmyBoy @ Feb 19 2017, 03:03) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>

mp3tag - v2.80
pone - 4.4 Update 1

Everything works fine, except for certain search criteria which results in a 401: UNAUATHORIZED.

I have followed all previous steps with regards to [OAuth] etc.

For example, perform a standard search for the following.
P.O.S. Gravity (Original Mix) = 401
P.O.S. Gravity = 401
P.O.S. = 401
POS = No 401, but not finding relavent results.

The discogs ID that I am trying to get a result for is : 363202

Essentialy, whenever there is a period (.) (hex code 2e) in the search query, my search will fail. Maybe this is an issue some others are reporting with 401's, not realising the period in the search query is giving them this error.

PS. Awsome script.

PPS. Would be cool if there was an option to specify the Genre seperator in the .mp3 settings file - ie pone gives 'House\\Trance\\Techno' - i Prefer 'House / Trance / Techno'

I did manually do this for anyone interested, with the following code change (but would be nice as a settings option)

#< ## GENRE # 
outputto "GENRE"
findinline "\"genres\":" 1 1	
sayregexp "(?<=\")[^,].+?(?=\")" " \\\\u002f " "],"
gotochar 1#><!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd-->

Your 401 problem is a known bug. Maybe a find the time to fix it. I help myself by replaceing special character with white scpaces.
Can somebody give me a list with the characters that are giveing proplems in the search bar?

For your second problem:
Have you looke into the "GENRE & STYLE" field in the setting file.
You have the standard setting which looks like this:

Genre:                >GENRE
if more than one genre:
- only the first            >no
- multivalue tag field        >yes
- list of names            >no
  - seperating characters used in list    >, 

Style:                >GENRE
if more than one style:
- only the first            >no
- multivalue tag field        >yes
- list of names            >no
  - seperating characters used in list    >, 
You can combine Genres & Styles in one tag field if you use the same name.

you want:

- only the first            >no
- multivalue tag field        >no
- list of names            >yes
  - seperating characters used in list    > /

The problem is that at this release, none of the pictures are tagged as "primary image", which is the normal attribute for a cover picture at the discogs API.
I don't know how the website is showing the correct picture.
I think I won't have time to look into this as I don't know how to start there, sorry.

I also have no solution for you second question. It's no possible within the framework of Mp3Tag's web sources.


I think we may have the same issue with images again as none are getting pulled in currently.

Anyone else having this issue?