[WS] Discogs (pone mod)

Same here. I'm using Discogs Pone # Direct By URL now.
So I search for the album on discogs, then paste the URL in MP3Tag.
It's faster for me then the old standard search even.
Standard search and the others should be fixed though...


The options is grayed out mate what can i do here i am really keen to get this going

You must have at least 1 file selected.
Notice that most of the tool bar is greyed out when the file list is empty.

Thanks for the reply and yep i got that sorted but now I face an even bigger problem.

I am new to using this software and have followed the guide written exactly as it was stated on the first page.

Any idea on how to get round this issue?


I'm having this issue as well. Until yesterday it was all fine and I didn't do any update so maybe something with Discogs?

Maybe this helps:

Problem solved ^^ thanks so much

shoot, no idea what I did, but now pone is not pulling any tags from discogs anymore, I still find the releases by ID, but the tag review screen is pretty much blank, same as the file tags. any idea what I might have done to cause this anyone? :slight_smile:

This web source script is now in the section of broken web source scripts which means that it does not work. So your observation matches the current state of this web source script.

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I try to edit the script file but I can't save the changes to the script.

Here are some instructions where to look for accompanying files:

I assume that you have more than one location where you saved MP3tag and that you edit the wrong file.
If this is not the case, then please be a little bit more outspoken what you mean by

I'm trying to get as much info from Discogs by Release ID into tags, and are trying to use Discogs (pone mod) for that.
But, I think that I'm doing something wrong or misunderstanding something.
When I use eg. 8320538 (Bryan Adams - Waking up the neighbours) in the "Direct from Discogs-ID" Tag Source, I get some Tags:
But I think that Discogs has a lot more info.
When I use some other Tag-editors, and make some "calls" for that release, I get eg. composer, lyrics and more.
Do I have to make some configuring of pone mod, or?


  • TheDane

The Tag Source is "Direct by Discogs ID"


Please note that the script "Discogs (pone mod)" is in the section of broken web source scripts. You will most likely not get a lot of help about that one.

Thanx for pointing that out.
I haven't seen the categories under Development.
I will look into the Web Source Scripts....
Can you btw point me to a manitained script that "scrape" all info from Discogs and put that info into relevant tags?

Thanx again for guiding me.

  • TheDane

You could try one of the other - actual working - scripts from:

Thanx for reply, and guidance.

I have installed several scripts:
Which works, but I don't think that it returns ALL Discogs info - at least "style" is not returned as a tag.
AND it's in the broken category

Which returns "errors":

One where the .zip file is called Mp3tagSettings - Sorry, but I cannot remember from who/where.
Which also returns Sorry, no intries.... on the same album that build in script returns tags from.

I'm probably doing something wrong, but....
Can I be sure if I got the latest versions af the scripts - I'm not sure I understand the "download from within a threat".

It would be nice to have a modifyable built in script that would, from start, get all info/tags. In that way one could see which tags where not relevant - but, easy for me to say as I'm not able to code it.

Thanx for your time.

Hmm, several problems since with Discogs (pone mod) since last update (2.98):
At last I only imported via Release ID which worked fine.

Since the latest update 'Country' and 'Catalog-#' aren't imported anymore at all and the format is being changed e.g. instead of "2 × File, FLAC, Single" is shown with "File (FLAC, Single)". Besides the Track import seems to be different: instead of numbers with a leading 0 it now imports from vinyl releases i.e. e.g. A1, A2 and so on ... Help!

Please note that the pone mod script has been moved to the section of broken web sources.

Yes, I know, but please see above: it worked properly before the update. Now, it seems the update included changes wihich most likely also occur in the 'normal' version.