[WS] Discogs (pone mod)


For me it works with these settings:

Genre: >GENRE
if more than one genre:

  • only the first >no
  • multivalue tag field >no
  • list of names >no
    • seperating characters used in list >,

Style: >STYLE
if more than one style:

  • only the first >no
  • multivalue tag field >no
  • list of names >no
    • seperating characters used in list >,


But I, in turn, need to save "Date" to two fields - ORIGINALYEAR and ORIGYEAR,
can anyone help me ??


Looking to modify the script to simply provide me the Genre and Style combined into one field seperated by \\ (that I can adjust later if need be)...I have tried manipulating the existing script however with little success as it still catches other tags including album art that I do not wish to adjust..? Can someone assist as I am not very well versed in Notepad++?


I originally used the Discogs(pone mod) script to merge Genre and Style and add other tags to my collection, but recently I decided to separate Genre and Style because I didn’t like all the genres produced by the merge. Modifying the pone mod script to only do Genre and Style looked difficult, so I modified the Discogs Release ID script to obtain Genre and Style from Discogs. I think you can use a modified version of that script to merge Genre and Style. I made my changes using Wordpad. After saving the script I had to rename it to remove the .txt extension and made sure the saved file had a .src extension. If you are still interested, I can modify my script to see if it will merge Genre and Style.



Can somebody tell how to load the "Discogs Pone 4 Web Script Settings.mp3" file basically step 4?


Thanks in advance


You can load the directory of the file via Ctrl+D, load the file via right-click "Mp3tag" from Windows Explorer (if you have the Explorer context-menu extension installed) or just drag'n'drop the file from Windows Explorer.


Is anyone else experiencing problems with the search lately?


Yes, it's acting weird. Sometimes it does find albums, but then you get a different album displayed, or it cannot find an album, which is clearly there.


Totally missed this response months ago...if this option is still viable please let me know?


I want to be certain as to what you want. The Genre tag would contain the genre and style data from Discogs with each genre and style separated by \\. For example, if Genre had multiple values of Pop and Rock and Style was Vocal, you would want Genre to be Pop\\Rock\\Vocal. Is this correct?
Do all of your albums currently have Genre and Style separate? If so, I would think there might be an action to combine them, but I'm not very good using actions. It doesn't look like my script to separate Genre and Style can be edited to combine them, but I should be able to create one that can combine them.


Would be interrested in seeing the script as I have tried to do this myself and it did not work out as planned...however it would seem that the PONE scripts are acting a little odd?


yeah, not only the "original" Pone script, but also the changed script by Jokertest. I think the Discogs API is to blame ? Maybe they changed something ?


yet the Discogs script that "ships" with MP3Tag seems to work just fine for now anyway...


Yes, you are correct about that, that one is working, at least with the cd's I tried now. :slight_smile:


I haven't used the Pone script recently. I'll see what I can do for the Genre & Style merge script, and I'll probably PM you when I have something. I know you want to see a modified script, but I did create actions to merge Genre & Style into the Genre tag and then remove Style from the Style tag.



Does anybody has a solution for the latest problem with the pone mode ?
Only search that unchanged fully works seems to be by the Discogs_ID ...
Thanks-a-lot and have a nice remaining Sunday.



It sometimes works... but most of the time, it comes back with strange results, or no result at all. And if you click on the preview link of the album, you will see even a different discogs page. with a different version of the track, or a complete different album.


Same here. I'm using Discogs Pone # Direct By URL now.
So I search for the album on discogs, then paste the URL in MP3Tag.
It's faster for me then the old standard search even.
Standard search and the others should be fixed though...

Latest Discogs script

The options is grayed out mate what can i do here i am really keen to get this going


You must have at least 1 file selected.
Notice that most of the tool bar is greyed out when the file list is empty.