[WS] Discogs (pone mod)


Hi again.
I think your problem comes because of releases with file tracks.
Pone's script (artist+album) gives the correct result.
I suggest you use Pone's script with default settings (backup your settings first, copy mp3 file provided from Pone's script, it should be placed somewhere in folder %appdata%/mp3tag).

Mp3tag Discogs script, searches by album title only (more precisely the release title). If you search with combined fields (e.g. artist albumtitle) you won't get any results.
If you search with 'Around The World' you still won't see your release (Arty) because it is not in the first page of the results. There are 37 pages with such albums.
Mp3tag does not yet offer a way to support multiple pages. You have to know the parameter and pass it to the script search text (e.g. &page=2).


Anyone else having issues with getting artwork from discogs? Worked fine a week ago or so.
using v2.66/4.4 pone


see these release notes on discogs cache


Yeah I recall a few months ago that was fixed

Discogs image cache on the Mp3tag servers not working then?


I don't know.
AFAI understand a cache is that it stores a the images once they a re opened. If there is a day on which the quota has been reached then now further images can be added ...


i am receiving no data from discogs since today using the pone mod.
can anyone confirm the problems?
thanks in advance!


Thanks to pone for discogs script! It's awesome!

I have mp3tag v2.66 and script 4.4
There is no cover anymore, but i put it manually, not terrible.
And, in DISCOGS_FORMAT (metadata tag) there are always comma and free space at the end.

for example: "CD, Maxi-Single, "
Is there something wrong in script or maybe my mistake..?
I would like to fix that...


see artwork issue

artwork issue

Just updated to latest mp3tag - v.2.67 - but still no images from Discogs :s ?


pone mod needs an extra update, maybe I can do it.

And Mp3tag 2.67 has been withdrawn and should not be used!


Thanks, Dano. I've just come back to check, figured something not right with the app after the update...



Cover art is not downloaded from discogs even when album is found by discogs ID.
I updated scripts to 4.4 and I have version 2.67a.

As I realized this is a bug.


Same here using 2.66 version°°°° need some experts help, thanks in advance to you all guys.


Just updated to 2.69, but still no images when using standard search from pone 4.4.
Do I need to reinstall the pone mod?


yup - same here

cover art not working to me (v2.96) (pone 4.4)


Any ideas if we can get this working? Thanks :slight_smile:


after a long time of 'not tagging' i wanted to restart w/ mp3tag 2,69 and Discogs_Pone_Mod_4.4. i always search via discogs id; i get no album, title and cover but things like www, publisher, albumartist, things i deleted before creating the script.


It seems that the cover download is still not working.
The other information (title, artist, album, ...) works fine with the script. Maybe it helps to review or reset the settings file.


here is a workaround for the cover:

Discogs images

I'm currently re-writing my own set of scripts to suit my needs .. there is a new thing to parse discogs more easily with json commands.

I might post later what I come with, if you still need a working discogs script you can use the one bundled with mp3tag.


hmmm, i used this script:

WS Discogs Album search...

Its based on Pone and also not working after late Feb.

I modify the script and it works fine for me. At the beginning i added the JSON "ON"...

# Pone Mod 4.1
# debug "on" "C:\debug.txt"
json "ON"

#< ## Totaldiscs # 
outputto "totaldiscs temp"

and at the end added

# Coverurl
outputto "coverurl"
json_foreach "images"
    json_select "type"
    if "primary"
        json_select "uri"
        say "http://cache.mp3tag.de/coxy"
        sayregexp "(?<=\.com).*"