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next time before asking read last posts in this thread.

here is a workaround: Discogs images


Finally had a chance to get this sorted ..

Needed to run as Administrator to be able to save the changes to the settings file .. also needed to revert my old attempt by first deleting some files (presumably written by Pone scripts in my first failed attempt at installing it) to the mp3 install folder

This is a most useful plugin .. Million thanks, mp3lover, for helping me start to use it


Dear mp3taglover, I do really appreciate your help. It works for real! But, I was wondering, if I could use this script WITHIN any of "Discogs &Pone# *.src" scripts? Namely in "Discogs &Pone# Direct by Discogs &ID.src"? I've tried to insert it in it and it broke the script. So far I see only one solution, to use simple discogs script and rerun the Discogs &Pone# Direct by Discogs &ID.src to update the missing fields I need and use the formatting of tags I need the way this script does.

You offered to upload your script to see how it works. I would appreciate it if you could share it with us.


Hi. I do not use any of the Pone scripts, the only thing I copied from his scripts is search in Discogs_json_all.src.

What I did was I combined Discogs_XML_ALL script and rewrote it using new json parser offered by mp3tag.

I'm attaching my script here.

But you need to know it was modified for me mainly, so there is some replacements etc, you need to adjust yourself.

To use script, you need first to use tag sources->Discogs_json_all_*

and then apply actions via alt+6 on selected tagged files (1. Discogs_XML_all)

discogs_json_data.rar (11.2 KB)

Discogs images

Script is awesome!
I use pone's discogs script and I changed my %year% to format YYYY-MM-DD. Works better for me.
Now, I want to have extra cell (ex., I will have %year_only%) with YYYY format. .
I don't want "action" after tagging, but I want extra orders in my script to complete the cell at the same time.
Is it possible?


Of course, everything is possible. To get rid of actions you need to perform everything in script, though I find it less convinient. I was using discogs xml script for quite some time when there was XML support on discogs, so kinda get used to it. That's the reason there is a need to apply some actions. I could rewrite it completely but I'm simply don't want invest my time into it.


I'm pretty sure it could be done with changing file settings:
Discogs Pone 4 Web Script Settings.mp3

With cutting 6 characters from right side YYYY-MM-DD I will get only year...but I don't know how to make right order. I have to think...



I use only the script Discogs &Pone# Standard &Search.src

To fix the cover issue, you must do:

  1. Delete the following lines at line 230

    #< ## COVER #
    outputto "coverurl"
    findinline ""thumb":" 1 1
    if " ""
    findinline "-150-" 1 1
    say "http://s.pixogs.com/image/R-"
    sayuntil """
    gotochar 1#>

  2. Insert the following lines at line 145

    outputto "coverurl"
    findinline ""images": [{"uri": " 1 1
    if """
    movechar 1
    sayuntil """

  3. Insert the following line at line 8


This pone has stopped working correctly tonight, it was working fine a few hours ago.

  1. Update mp3tag to its latest version v2.75

  2. Change in scripts URLs to https://:


QUOTE (mp3taglover @ Mar 15 2016, 05:04) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
1. Update mp3tag to its latest version v2.75
  1. Change in scripts URLs to https://:


So just adding a s to http:// to https:// correct? Using Direct by Discogs ID this doesn't change the result.


try my version of scripts i've published here.

NOTE: you need to change url in my scripts to https:// and make sure you use mp3tag v2.75 also don't foget to apply actions after you tag with my script.


I forgot to mention that I've been using mp3tag v2.75 all along, I tried your script & it works (though it doesn't display Artist under Release) but no offense but most to all of the Additional Information categories are not ones I use & few to none I use are included so this wouldn't work for me.
I'm pretty minimal in tagging style this is the Metadata entries I use:

Discogs__Pone__Direct_by_Discogs__ID.src (16.7 KB)


What do you mean it doesn't display? In tagging window?

If so - this is how script works it populates artists etc after you apply actions on files.

You can read few pages back, I just left whole logic of dealing with tags in actions instead of moving this into websources script. It's easier and I'm just used to it.

You can edit actions/1. Discogs_XML.mta and in action #74 list all tags you don't need so they will be erased after applying action.


Under Release / Artist:


I'm unclear on why Pone Mod 4.4 stopped working, it worked fine up to around 4:30PM EST yesterday, I don't know what changed.


Re-read my comment above:

It's normal. After you apply actions everything will be tagged properly.

Sorry, I have no idea. I'm not maintaining Pone Mod at all. All i'm using from Pone is his search that's all. Maybe discogs changed something apart from https://.


Hi mp3taglover, tried your script from previous page and quite like it. Have just one problem with CREDITS tag. Basically, would like to behave just like NOTES tag, like a simple text field, and just like how they look on discogs release page for instance.

Here's the screenshot how values look like pasted into notepad (and my unsuccessful tinkering with your original script on the left):

All's well with NOTES, but CREDITS are a mess. And here's a discogs page for that particular release, and how I'd like it to look after tagging. https://www.discogs.com/release/2406749

Any ideas?

Btw, CHAPTER tag, would that be complicated to add?



I'm having similar problems today too. It's not working properly.
I changed the http to https and I can now get onto Discogs but there is info missing in the results section.
For example, I looked for an album (in Pone Standard Search). I found it but when the results came up, it doesn't actually show the track titles.
I also tried using the Pone URL search - again, it finds the album but does not show track titles.
Does anyone know why this is and if there is a fix?
Any info much appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


P.S. I am using v2.75