[WS] Discogs (pone mod)

The file list on the right is ordered exactly like the file list in the Mp3tag main window. This can't be changed by the script. But you can change it easily in the Mp3tag main window before using the script. To sort by discnumber, you may have to add that collumn if you haven't yet:

from the FAQs:
You can also add additional file list columns for extended tag fields via View > Customize Columns... and edit the tag fields directly in the file list.

just forgot to mention my thanks for your replies above. they are helpful. so.. thanks! :laughing:

The newest changes on Discogs broke the script unfortunately.

Update 3.7:

Discogs changed the way they present Label & Catalog#. This broke the script. Fixed now.

At some discogs releases there where additional spaces in the TITLE field between the track name and the name of the remix in parenthesis. This is fixed now.

The search scripts presented the data in the wrong columns at the index window when the year is missing at a release. This is fixed now.

  • see starting post for download -

Wow Pone you are fast !! I think 99% of the users haven't noticed yet that Discogs made changes, and it's already fixed !


Hi, halfway through tagging 40Gb of music :music: but the Discogs script has changed and I can't tag from the ID release any longer.

Is there an update available or a particular thread to watch?

Thanks in advance :smiley:

There is a update from today and this is the right thread to watch.
Have you downloaded the 3.7 update?

At first: Thanks for the mod. It's a great help all the time.
And thanks for fixing the changes so fast.

But with the last update, no covers are shown with a search in discogs. :rolleyes:

I exerienced this too. I'm not 100% sure, but I think it's not the scripts fault.
It's not a constant behaviour. Out of ten tries, it works rougly two times. When I open the discogs page in a browser and click on the "more images" link, I noticed that also there some of the images are missing sometimes. When I refresh the pages, they suddenly appear.

So I think most probably discogs has a little server problem which came with the lastest changings. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.

Works perfectly now. Seems as this was a temporary problem at discogs.com

I did, but found it complicated and messy - think I've sorted it, but there's no artwork and some of the fields were tagged very weird with silly little comments. Like you say, if it's a server problem at 'Cogs and IF it's been ironed out, great!

Thanks for all your hard work :slight_smile:

@pone, I've done a guide on the forum I use please feel free to join (we're a friendly bunch) and comment on it as we're all noobs using mp3tag.
Most members have got an incredibly large amount of music to tag (and we like it done properly :wink: )!!!

So any pointers would be gratefully accepted :slight_smile:

Yes, my script is a bit complicated to install if you use it for the first time. Instruction is given in the strating post of this thread and in various questions and answers in it. If you still have questions about it, feel free to ask.
The artwork problem is sloved. Seem to have been a server problem at discogs.com yesterday.

But there should be no fields "tagged very weird with silly little comments". What do you mean by that? Did you solve it?

Nice Forum. I think I will register since I'm also very interested in the oldschool of electronic music. But for question about the script, please post a link there to this thread or/and the one for dano's script. All the questions there have been discussed here in the forum serveral times. It's a bit ineffective to explain things at different places if all could come together in one place. So I would prefer to answere questions here.

I see your forum is a lot about DJ Sets. Maybe another web script I have done is very interessting for you. It is form MixesDB.com and gets basic tags like ARTIST, ALBUMARTIST, ALBUM, TITLE, YEAR, GENRE and also Coverartwork and a Tracklist if available at MixesDB.com.
The UK sound is a bit underrepresented at MixesDB.com, but it's growing.
More here: /t/8404/1

Yeah, I'll link a couple of threads to here but you are more than welcome to join our community too and as moderator I'll guarantee a warm welcome :smiley:

In the comments box stuff like, "U know quality" and "Excellence 2009!!!"

Doesn't matter now - if it's fixed many thanks :slight_smile:

I don't think that came from the script. My script doesn't write anything in the COMMENT field per default. You can change that in the settings mp3 file, I think most probably the text was already there in the files before you used the script.

As I have seen many questions concerning the options of the script, here is a detailed documentation for the settings.
At step 6 of my instruction given in the starting post, I write:

Open the Extended Tags Window and edit the tag-field values of Discogs Pone Web Script Settings.mp3 to customize the script.

Here you have all the options of the script. These are actually the tag-fields I have written into the Discogs Pone Web Script Settings.mp3 file. I will call these "option-fields" to avoid confusion with the tag-fields of your mp3 files.
To change the options, change the value of the option-fields. You can also leave them all unchanged, in this case you use the script with the deffault settings like I'm using it. Do only change the value of the option-fields, not the option-fields' name. Do not delete option-fields.

Here is the documentation for the different fields:

DISCOGS_... fields:

With theses option-fields, you can choose the tag-field-names you want to use for your music collection. There is one option-field for every available tag-field. As possible values you can use everything which you want to use for a tag-field-name and no for things you don't want to write.
the field DISCOGS_ALBUMARTIST has the value albumartist
That means, the the album artist from discogs gets written to the tag-field ALBUMARTIST.
When you want to write it into ALBUM ARTIST instead, use:
When you don't want to write that field at all, use:

DISCOGS~... fields:

With these option-fields, you have controll over some special tag-fields-fields where you can combine and split information into different tag-fields.
Again, as possible values you can use everything which you want to use for a tag-field-name and no for things you don't want to write.
There are four types:

This option was made for a special request of a forum user. Normally DISCOGS_BARCODES AND OTHER IDENTIFIERS is written into one tag-field if you want to write it (the deffault setting is no). If you want to split it, you have to write the name of the second tag-field here.


These Option-fields belong together in pairs. With them you can write the same information into different tag-fields, which can be usefull if you use tag-fields which are not compatible with every media player. They copy the value of one tag-field into another tag-field
If you want to have the Catalog # from discogs in the COMMENT field, use:

This option is for a special tag-field, where you can combine different discogs sections into one multiline tag-field. This works only for DISCOGS_CREDITS, DISCOGS_NOTES, DISCOGS_BARCODES AND OTHER IDENTIFIERS and DISCOGS~PONE TRACKLIST. The last one is only written by the "tracklist for DJ Sets in one file" script.
By using the same value (= tag-fields) for these option-fields, they are written into the same tag-field. But they would run into each other, without seperating spaces or empty lines. By using the same value (= tag-field) for DISCOGS~PONE MULTILINE FIELD, the script seperates them within one tag-field with an empty line end a extra headline for each section.

examples 1: the default settings are:
In the default settings, DISCOGS_CREDITS, DISCOGS_NOTES and DISCOGS~PONE TRACKLIST. are written into UNSYNCELYRICS. DISCOGS_BARCODES AND OTHER IDENTIFIERS does not get written. DISCOGS~PONE TRACKLIST is always only written if you use the extra script for it (see below).
The reslut is a UNSYNCELYRCS field which could like the following:

Producer: artist 1
Masterd By: artist 2

All songs recorded at studio xy September 2011

The complete tracklist of the release would appear in front of/above "Credits:" when you use the extra script for it. The settings for this are:
DISCOGS_CREDITS = unsyncedlyrics
DISCOGS_NOTES = unsyncedlyrics

example 2: if you want a extra field for DISCOGS_CREDITS and write the rest into COMMENT:

example 3: if you want a extra field for everything:

As mentioned above, this field gets only written if you use the extra script "tracklist for DJ-Sets in one mp3 file". It is designed to hold the complete tracklist of a release for CDs which are not ripped into one file per track but into one big file instead (like many people do with mix-CDs, hence the name of the script). As value for this option-field use the name of the tag-field you want that to be written in. As shown above, you can combine this into the DISCOGS~PONE MULTILINE FIELD.

OPTIONS:... fields:

For this option-fields, you can only choose between yes and no as value. I think they are pretty self-explaining.

TEXT OPTIONS:... fields:

These are option-fields where you have more than two possiblilies.

[ I will edit this post to give more instructions on the last two ]

Update 3.8.:
Discogs introduced some new things. They have now something callled "Series" on some releases, which is some kind of additional label. And they have a new section called "Companies etc" under the tracklist before the "Notes", "Credits" and "Barcodes and Other Identifiers" sections. You can see both things here:
So I built that into my script and also optimized some other little things.

The script craps the new discogs "Series" with it's catalog number. The script treats it as additional label per deffault. But you can change that in the option file and map it an extra tag-field. The same is true for the catalog# of the series. With this come new fields in the Options file:
In the first two option fields, write the name of your the tag-field in which you want to write this information. If you have the same fields here as for DISCOGS_PUBLISHER and DISCOGS_CATALOG#, the script automatically writes the series and it's catlog# after a seperator to the end of that fields.
In the last two fields, write "yes" if you want multivalue tags for that field or "no" if you don't want it.

The script craps the new discogs section "Companies etc". The script will treat it like you have set the options for "Credits" before. If you write the Credits to the multiline field (what is the deffault), Companies etc will also be written into this field. If you write the Credits to an extra field, Companies etc will be written to a new extra field called "Companies". Of course you can change that in the option file. The new field in the option file for that:
Wirte the name of the tag-field in which you want to write the Companies etc section form discogs. If you write it to the field which you have specified as "DISCOGS~PONE MULTILINE FIELD", it will be wirtten with a headline and seperating spaces afte Credits and Notes.

The API-List Artist search shows now the albumartist of the releases in the "list of search results" window.

The API-List Label search shows now if the release has a cover in the "list of search results" window.

The "search by (album) artist" scripts look for ALBUM ARTIST if ALBUMARTIST is not present at your untagged files.

The "search by year" scripts look for DATE if YEAR is not present at your untagged files.

Most of the search scripts presented the data in the wrong columns at the index window when there was a "|" (pipe symbol) in the displayed names. This is fixed now.

Thanks again.

Update with many different options to write the tracknumber (%track%) comming soon.
Tell me if you have some special wishes here, so I will try to build them in!

Planned so far:

Counting Numbers:

  • 1, 2, 3, ... (as it is now)
  • 01, 02, 03, ...
  • 01/10, 02/10, 03/10 ... (10 representing totaltracks here)

Combinations with discnumber (only for multi disc cds):

  • 101, 102, 103, ...
  • 1.01, 1.02, 1.03, ...
  • 1-01, 1-02, 1-02, ....

Track Positions as written on discogs pages:

  • for all releases
  • only for vinyl & cassette releases (where it is a1, a2, b1, b2 ... in most cases)
  • as written in %track temp% now, that means, it is only written when discogs has something differnent as standard counting numbers.