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How do I install the script? / Wie installiere ich das Script?

So the last few days I've been working on a Cover Art import from Fanart.TV (you can read about my failures here :slight_smile: ) using their API, and this is the result.

Important: The Script utilizes the MusicBrainz Release-Group ID (since that is the only way to access the API). Unless you tag your files using the MusicBrainz Script and/or with MusicBrainz Picard (or enter the ID manually, but why would anyone do that) this will not work. Period.

Fanart.TV is a community aiming mainly at Mediacenter Applications (like Kodi), but they host high quality edited album covers (among other things).
If there are images missing it means either noone found any source material to work with or noone had the time to edit and upload them yet. Afterall this - like many others - is a project being done in volunteer's freetime. If you have any material for a missing artwork make a request and upload it. There are some wizards on there that can get a high quality artwork out of (almost) anything.

What do you get?

  • Typically only one high quality artwork for a given release (exceptions being made for Special/Deluxe/Limited Editions, etc.)
  • unified 1000x1000px squares (all Cover Art uploaded is required to have these dimensions)

Additional Notes
You can get and use a personal API key to get faster access to recently uploaded artwork here (open the script and append it to the [AlbumURL]).

ToDo / Wishlist

  • Index Search when there are multiple artworks. For now it will only fetch the first result for a given search.
  • different Artwork (like CD Art)
  • actually using the JSON functions (might get tricky, see link above)
  • using preview-images instead of downloading full-resolution images for downscaling in the preview

Cover_Art_FanartTV.src (1.14 KB)
Cover_Art_FanartTV__Picard_.src (1.12 KB)


  • 29.12.2016 initial Upload
  • 30.12.2016 added second script, Picard and Mp3tag use different field names for the Release Group ID (see here), otherwise same script
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Thank you, i wish more cover art sites were add it to mp3tag.

I have added my personal key to the album URL.
But whenever I try to use the FanArt plugin it tells me "Error connecting to server: www.fanart.tv (404: not found)"
I can easily reach fanart from my browser, and mp3tag can easily reach musicbrainz/discogs/freedb and so on.
What do I have to do to make this plugin work?

I think you're missing this important bit:


I am not sure what exactly "this important bit" means, however, before testing I downloaded and installed this script too, and for this cover I used this script to tag the files. I have no idea though how this is connected to FanArt ( I do not know MusicBrainz at all) since the next search for the cover in the Fanart menu by entering the same parameters as I did in MusicBrainz did lead to the 404 error.

The Fanart API doesn't allow to search by album name directly, only by so-called MusicBrainz Release Group IDs (short MBIDs).

So if you go to https://musicbrainz.org/search and search for, e.g., "Quaristice" by Release Group you'll end up with a list of results. Opening one result and navigating to the details tab will reveal the MBID, in this case d2229a06-a11a-3841-a916-f5646e38db38 (it's also in the URL). This is what you can use to search with the Fanart API.

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Thanks, I'll try that later at home!