[WS] Genius (Lyrics)

Confirmed! Thanks, those cases do not show up now.

I'd like to request a feature, if I copy and pasted the whole genius url with track [EXAMPLE: https://genius.com/Akon-i-wont-remix-lyrics] that the window would read and convert to Akon-i-wont-remix-lyrics when next is pressed instead of a genius 404: not found error

Hi @albiek1976 I'm working on it. I've tryed to implement this feature before but without success. I'll let you know if I get it

Thanks and Thank-you for making this available!!

AutoHotKey script has stopped working if I am correct. Looks like Genius changed their website design and possibly other thongs as well. Would be great if you could look into it. Your work has been appreciated.

Maybe the problem is the changes in my Genius Tag Source script. Communication between Mp3tag and Genius is working fine. I'm not using AutoHotKey, so I can't help you.

@bugzero i want to bring to your attention that the script no longer functions properly, im thinking the issue has to do with this line

regexpreplace "<div [\w\s\-\"=]+?Lyrics__Container[^>]+?>(.+?)<\s*\/div\s*>" "<lyrics:start>$1<lyrics:end>"
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@Ouargui I think it is repaired now. New ads were added to lyrics body. Now I think they will be removed.

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it happened again, yet another change

Yes, you are right. I fixed it and checked in some lyrics.

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thank you so much, it's trouble how many times they keep adding stuff so thank you for your efforts :smile: