[WS] HELP !!!

Please help (Florian, Dano, Detlev, ohrenkino and others).
I am stuck for long time (several months).

Looking for a solution on how to process (modify, format, etc) a collected tag within WS.
Real case: Calculate total nr of tracks within JSON script.
I add a character to tag tmpTOTALTRACKS for each track.
E.g. (Outputto "tmptotaltracks"
Say "A")
At the end of the process I would like to format the value as I wish. Then I can fill the final tag TOTALTRACKS with formatted value.
That would be possible only if tmpTOTALTRACKS can be transferred back to the "working string".
Non-JSON scripts have a workaround; collect the information needed inside the working string and transfer it to the correct tag, but nothing for JSON.

Any idea?

Sorry, not my kind of topic.

Thx, let's hope someone has a solution.

Do have a closer look into the scripts from user 'pone'.
I assume that he has already found out a way how to count repeated items, ...
by filling up a text string by one char for each loop, ...
and afterwards measuring the length of that string.


Yes, I know that.
My point is I am using JSON and it is not possible to achieve the same thing.
I think the solution would be a new command (smth like READ_TAG "") to bring the tag value to "working area".
I will turn in wait mode again and be patient, as this is definitely a task for one man only (Florian).
Thank you guys.

Let's keep this thread alive...
Let's hope Florian will come will a solution.

It looks I am waiting in vain. I have started one year ago a WS Framework which is blocked from this request.

Current line --> Tag: OK Tag--> Tag: OK

???????????Tag --> Current Line: ??????????

OutputTo "" defines the tag name to fill the data with.
Set "" clears the .
Various Say commands append value to the . You can also append a collected tag to another one (sayoutput ).
So we can append values to a tag but cannot modify it. That would be possible if we could get the value into current line.
I am convinced the sibling WS command of OutputTo (smth like ReadTag, GetTag, LoadTag, etc) is needed in WS development.
The new command will retrieve (and put into the current line) the tag value filled from the same WS script.
Another post [WS] HELP !!! requests the same.

Any thoughts???

Current line --> Tag: OK
Tag--> Tag: OK
Tag --> Current Line: ????? Missing ?????

I have spent endless hours in my WS development (a kind of WS framework).
This one and the XML --> JSON requests are blocking me for +18months now. I remember you promised the XML->JSON could be done.
It would be very kind of you if you take into account those features.
Ignoring constantly our requests (which at the end will increase your product value) is not nice even if you don't do it in purpose.
I hope you read those threads and I would prefer a NO rather than waiting for 2 years in vain.
At the end all my effort will go to the bin but at least I know it.
Thank you in advance!!!