[WS] - How to delay results retrieval while searching?

Hi all!

Currently I'm trying to implement/develop a script to make use of Metal-Archive's advanced search, however I am facing a rather peculiar issue as the results page takes a while to be fully rendered/loaded and MP3Tag is retrieving an incomplete page.

Take for example this search (Iced Earth - Alive in Athens).

By going to that page there will be some information (search help/guidelines) and site's general layout will be loaded almost instantly, however the actual filters, and results will take a few seconds to load (up to 5 according to my tests).

When I try to search for that album using MP3Tag's search dialog, it almost instantly says that no results were found, and after reviewing the debugwriteinput file/content it shows and incomplete HTML (only includes the filters, but not the results).

Based on this scenario, there's a way to "pause" script execution, or to delay results retrieval in order to have a chance to retrieve the full HTML and not just a partial one?

Thanks in advance.