[WS] IMDB - Revised

Hi All, my first public release of an MP3TAG Web Source Script.

Following revisions to the IMDB web site, I found my original scripts I used from here were failing, so I have revised them to work with the new site layout.

Enjoy, let me know if there are any issues.


IMDB.zip (3.82 KB)


We were on the same wavelength... Initial scripts were updated...

Yup! - great minds :smiley:

Looks great!
For what file types do you use it?

I have some avi files i would like to tag, but as far as i understand ID-tagging is not possible with avi. And Mp3Tag does not avi files at all.
I was already thinking about storeing some 1 second dummy mp3s in every movie folder and tag it with a script like yours just to have a reference file to find the movies.
Is there any other possibility?

I only use mp4 files at present as I stream my DVD collection to a PS3 using Twonky media server running on a NAS box. Will switch to MKV once PS3 supports them being streamed!

Started out with AVI but soon changed because you cannot tag AVI or at least most software won't read AVI tags.

You could use the my movies program which you can set to store an XML file with all the info in
it will do it automaticaly for you :smiley:

Thank you so much, this was exactly what I needed.

pone, does abcAVI Tagger do what you seek? Althou I've never had success importing from imDB. (Not that we wouldn't want MP3Tag to fulfill all A/V needs. :music: )

<a href="http://abcavi.kibi.ru" target="_blank">http://abcavi.kibi.ru</a>

(Or, if Divx / Xvid files I keep planning on looking at something called IMDBScanner.)


same problem here. looks promising, but could not get the web import running.

What do you mean with "keep planning on looking at"?
Have you tested it? Do you recommend it?

I always have problems with the Divx codec on my primary PC so I don't intentionally have any around but I tend to collect programs that might serve a future need - I love metadata - and IMDBScanner (http://www.dancemammal.com/moviedb.htm) was so queued. There are you who are more serious about coding than I so perhaps it's something that others might care to pursue since the download includes the Delphi 6 source code. I think its developer's tag is just a appropriated MP3 tag.

Looks like I do have some with Xvid so I've installed and will try. Looks good but my security protocols may be blocking it working so ... I need to futz and report back.

Hi there, need some help with my IMDB.src I made.

Can't figure out how to get it to return multiple search results.
Works geat if the result is at the top but nothing when its down the list aways.

I have attached it. Take a look and see if you can help me.


I have made a new one that returns up to 10 search results.

I couldn't get the Do...While thing to work so I used a work around with "ifnot" expression.

Seems to work good. Hope you enjoy it... :w00t:

_IMDB_Movie.zip (797 Bytes)

Revised_IMDB_Movie_10x.zip (1.18 KB)

Is there any current development for an IMDB source scrip? I have tried many of them posted, and they either do not work at all or don't get the information I am looking for. I want genre and nothing seems to do it.