[WS] Import lyrics from websites


"Error connecting to server: www.darklyrics.com

not found (404)


What did you write in the query box?
Maybe they don't have that album or you have misspelled it.


Yeah, my mistake. They don't have the album.


Sorry to be a pain. Going back to LyricWiki and the source codes. I'm still only getting partial results returned.

In the additional information box I can see only partial values being returned. When I then click on the "This album on lyricwiki" link it takes me to a page that displays like the following:-

Lulu Shout Well....... You make me wanna shout Look my hands jumpin' Look my heart's thumpin' Throw my head back Come on now. Don't forget to say you will Don't forget to shout yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Say you wil[...] http://lyrics.wikia.com/Lulu:Shout

So it's finding the song ok, but it sort of cuts every song lyric off short. Any idea why? Can anything be done about it? I love mp3tag, but this is really slowing me down!




It doesn't show the complete text when it is very long, but it will tag the whole text.


No, it doesn't. I wouldn't mind if it did, but it just displays just the first few lines like this

Lulu Shout Well.......
You make me wanna shout
Look my hands jumpin'
Look my heart's thumpin'
Throw my head back
Come on now. Don't forget to say you will
Don't forget to shout yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Say you wil[...]

And then stops

Very weird....


What kind of audio files do you tag? Did you change the script?


Just normal mp3s. I've tried it on my work pc, my laptop and my home pc, but same thing happens on all 3. I haven't altered the script at all.

Here are some screen dumps

[2010.10.05 - 22:53] - Dano, I've just removed all my other scripts from the source folder and it works now!! Many thanks for your help though!


Your search box shows that you were not using the latest script from this thread.
The text now is just


Yeah, I've taken out all the other scripts (Lyrics - LyricWiki, Lyrics#leoslyrics, Lyrics#lyricsSeek etc) from my sources folder and left just the latest Lyrics#lyricWiki script and it all seems fine now.

Thanks a million for your help. REALLY appreciated!


This thing took like forever but I've finally finished the script for SongMeanings. Thanks to dano for helping me out with the scripting lingo.
I'm pretty new to this, seems to be working fine though. Unfortunately the SM search query only allows entering either artist or title but not both at the same time. So with one-word song titles results might get a little vague. Try it out though, this is still my favorite lyrics site by far.
Lyrics_SongMeanings.zip (590 Bytes)

Lyrics_SongMeanings.zip (590 Bytes)


I'm a noob with scripts, so finding and trying yours was great - I was not aware of that lyric site.

I encourage you to continue to develop this script, especially since it's beyond my skill to do this. I can only get your script to work on one file at a time - if that's only way it works for now, that's cool, but it would be great to work on a selection of files in some fashion.

thanks again.


Here's one for Metrolyrics.com :rolleyes:


Mp3tag (v2.42a) parsing for MetroLyrics, created by SteveW on 2010-11-05

This *.src file must be placed in your sources directory.

On Windows XP it's C:\Documents and Settings*username*\Application Data\Mp3tag\data\sources

You can quickly reach it with [Windows Key + R] and enter %appdata%\Mp3tag\data\sources

Or enter %appdata%\Mp3tag\data\sources in the Explorer address bar


[SearchBy]=$replace($lower(%title%,'(' ),&,%%26)-lyrics-$lower(%artist%).html





findline "

regexpreplace "
" ""
regexpreplace "\s*<br ?/?>\s*" "\r"
regexpreplace "
" ""



Thank you for sharing.

There is a syntax errror, which Mp3tag does not complain.
[SearchBy]=$replace($lower(%title%,'(' ),&,%%26)-lyrics-$lower(%artist%).html

Artist seems to be needed as "Lastname-Firstname".



I keep getting:
Error connecting to server: lyrics.wikia.com

Authorization Required (401)

Any ideas???


I tried it on my home computer last night and it worked. I'm guessing it's my network at work causing problems. Any workarounds?


Here is a new version for magistrix.de.
You can add it to the starting post if you want.
I did not much testing, but it seems to work. Can only get the first ten results of a search because i found no option to display more results in one page.
Writes only the UNSYNCEDLYRICS tag field and uses %artist%+%title% for search.

i uploaded it again, because I forgot to deactivate the debug file.

Magistrix.de_Lyrics.src (1.7 KB)

Gute Lyricseite mit API

I've added the contributions by other users to the first post. Thanks.

pone, why do you add 3 spaces at the start of every line?


To mark the difference between headlines in bold print and normal text. Since I can't use bold print for the unsyncedlyrics tag field, I let the bold lines start at the left and indent the text lines a bit.
I thought it looks quite nice, but I have no problem if you change that.


Hello everyone, since a few days, I got a problem, the same that Mycow related on Septembre 12th 2009 :

The other sciprts work well and are really really useful, thank you so much !