[WS] Import lyrics from websites


I have updated Darklyrics.


I had a problem with getting the lyrics for this album (DarkLyrics):

For whatever reason the html code of that pages misses a blank line after the

line break tags (as assumed by the darkLyrics script), so the following line of code dind't work for me in this case:

    moveline 2 1

To solve my problem, I replaced the code with the following lines:

    moveline 1 1
    ifNot "<a "
        moveline 1 1

This should be edited in both, the if "<FONT"- and its else-statement.


BTW. What is the second parameter of moveline for?


Thanks, I used a little different fix.

If moveline goes into an empty line, it will cause an error.
With the second parameter I can ignore this error.


Thanks for the answer and for the great DarkLyrics script of course! Sad it's the only possibility for tagging complete albums...



Thx for this fantastic script!
So, one question, how to get lyrics of the entire album...

Song by song is a little long work...


It looks like it's stopped working again. All my searches results in :frowning:


Download the script again, there was an update in October.


lw script needs some minor update

Whitespaces in searching string need to be replaced with "_"
The search is also case sensitive...


Could someone make an import script to the lyrics of www.songtextemania.com?

please :music:


Hey guys!
I'm very new to this and know almost nothing about coding. So... Anyone know why this doesn't work!?


Debug "on" "D:\debug.out" 

findline "<div class="row-results">"

    findline "<a href=""
    findinline "<a href="http://www.songmeanings.net/songs/view/"
    sayuntil "">"
    say "|"
    findinline "<strong>"
    sayuntil " - "
    say "|"
    findinline " - "
    sayuntil "</strong>"
    say "|"
    findline "</div>"
    moveline 2

while "<div class="row-results">" 50


findline "<!-- end ringtones -->"
moveline 1
sayuntilML "<!--ringtones and media links -->"

Thanks in advance!


" chars must be escaped with "

i.e. findline "<a href=""

and last
say "|"
in index part must be


i'm getting an error too!

Error connecting to server: www.leolyrics.com

Could not connect to host

this was also happening to lyricwiki, but after the patch update and redownloading the .src's i'm still having an issue with leolyrics. any ideas why this is being blocked on my end when it used to work before?

thanks for the assistance!


For weeks now if you search on leoslyrics you will get the following error

"An unknown error has occured. This has been logged and hopefully will be fixed. If you think you know what caused the problem or this problem doesn't go away, e-mail Leo (leo@leoslyrics.com)."

So it has nothing to do with the Websources scripts


are there any other scripts that import lyrics other than the 3 formentioned on the front page? i looked around feedb but found nothing focusing on lyrics. regardless, i've used mp3tag for a few months and think its great.


I've added another one to my post and fixed Leo (now uses G00gle search)


The only script working (at least for me) is lyricsplugin.src (I don't know which site it uses)
lyricWiki throws an error: Not Found (404)
Leo (G) states that there are no entries matching search criteria, though I know there are (my search criteria was: "Q-Tip%20intitle:barely in love")

Am I doing something wrong or maybe the scripts went outdated?


When I click on Tag Sources > Lyrics > leoslyrics

I just get the message

"Error connecting to server: www.leoslyrics.com
Could not connect to host"

When I try lyricswiki I just get partial results returned, like this:-

Let's stay together
I, I'm so in love with you
Whatever you want to do
Is all right with me
'Cause you m[...]

Any ideas anyone?


hey guys,

can you search for all tracks at once automaticly?

i want to search for the lyrics for every song and if its there add to the tag and take the next and if not then take the next, too!!

how to do this=


thanks for answers!


I've just reinstalled the latest version (2.46a) as I thought maybe that would do it, but still I have the same problem. Here's a screen dump. Please could someone help?

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You're using an outdated version of the Leo script and upgrading Mp3tag won't help you.
You need to download new scripts from the first post here.
But I don't offer Leo anymore.

And I cannot reproduce what you say about lyricswiki at all.