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Link to this update pone (i've updated it today, attached on this post :slight_smile:)

Well, cuddles found a issue with { and } on Albumnames or Tracks, like this: https://itunes.apple.com/de/album/bis-zum-b...ion/id270585930

When you put this album on the script, the script doesn't show the genre, the coverpic, artist, it's just blank, i'll show a screenshot of what happens:

Here's the API: http://pastebin.com/BAiEawZe

This is the only issue i think...

So, i was looking on the script, i think that the problem is here:

findline "wrapperType\""
joinuntil "}"
replace "\\\"" """
replace "?uo=4" ""

this "joinuntil", i think that's the problem...

So i was thinking if there's any way to find a workaround for this issue? i'm still looking for it without success.

Oh and i think that the reason of your script stopped working is because of the changes on the iTunes API, the user amine improved your script, it stopped working so i updated it again due to some API changes...

iTunes_Update_35.zip (117 KB)


Hello! Great script, I've used it a couple times already and have some suggestions that maybe could improve the (my :stuck_out_tongue: ) experience.

Right now mp3tagtrack is missing leading zero for all the numbers < 10. Would be great if that could be fixed:
For example 1/9 until 9/9 could be 01/09 until 09/09

I've fixed YEAR to show only the year and created RELEASETIME for the actual date of release

outputto "YEAR"
sayregexp "(?<=\"releaseDate\":\")\d\d\d\d(?=.)"
Say "|"

GotoChar 1
FindLine "\"releaseDate\":\""
sayregexp "(?<=\"releaseDate\":\")\d\d\d\d-\d\d-\d\d(?=.)"
Say "|"

I also take it there's no real way to put the correct publisher in the publisher field?
Now it just copies the whole line. :slight_smile:



So, I was tagging my Pokemon soundtracks and I wanted max sized covers so I tried to find one of the albums on iTunes Japan and it turns out that apparently you can't search words in Kanji/Romaji or Hiragan...

All the movies' soundtracks are only available on iTunes Japan so there are no possibilities of tagging them with iTunes US or France..

I ended up using Amazon Japan and well, it worked so the non recognition of Japanese language is exclusively an iTunes problem.

Any guess on what I could or if there's a solution ?
Thank you :slight_smile: !


Maybe change the encoding to url-utf-8?


Just added more countries (88 on total), recently i've checked the iTunes API, there's nothing new or any changes...

iTunes_Update_36.zip (146 KB)


Found some issues:

1- Problem with {}, some albums like "Waka Waka" from Shakira have {} on album name, SO, the script fails to "catch" the rest of the tags...

2- Problem with "Kids" album from "OneRepublic", i don't know why but the script fails to catch the rest of the tags too...

So, any helpers are welcome! :slight_smile:

btw, here's the iTunes API Results:

OneRepublic - Kids: https://paste2.org/tKkf05CW

Shakira - Waka Waka: https://paste2.org/cPyWmhAP


Hello! Well, here i am again updating the script...

the problem with "{}" on Album Names is properly fixed (for now), i still need some feedback if the script is working properly or not...

Yaaay! :stuck_out_tongue:

iTunes_Update_39.zip (146 KB)


The problem with the script is it uses the less consistent (slower) method of findline, findinline, SayUntil etc

When this script first came out I edited it and added a few more outputtos using sayregexp just how Pone had done it.

I've tested this and it works for both of these albums you're having difficulty with.

Regular expressions is probably the best thing I've learned in my adult computing life :smiley: . So for me the sayregexp is x10 the more powerful method of writing Web Source scripts.

I've noticed in the script all your regexpreplace could be replaced with the simple replace fn.

regexpreplace "100x100bb" "100000x100000-999"

is same as

replace "100x100bb" "100000x100000-999"

regexpreplace is only used where the text string will vary and is ill-formatted therefore giving problems.
In my beatport script I've placed all the regexpreplace just below [ParserScriptIndex]=... and [ParserScriptAblum]=... becuase it outputs cleaner better formatted code to parse then and is much easier to spot problems.

The regexp for the waka waka fix is (place this at the top of your script like I have - see line 35 & 79):

regexpreplace "(\"\:\s*\".*?)\{(.*?)}(.*?\")" "$1($2)$3"

It may seem complicated but it's not once you get the basics of regexp.

Your script doesn't output the tracks to the TRACK field. My mod script attached does this. See very bottom of code and see if that might help.

I know Pone has been absent of late but it's guys like you JonaaaBR, Pone etc that make this forum great by keeping these scripts alive.

PS. You're more then welcome to use the code / rip it apart and learn from it.

iTunes_GB__stevehero_Edit_.src (9.28 KB)


I am not at all experienced in scripting and I am using Pone's script (with some modifications) a lot and noticed a problem with this and other scripts for some time now.

Filling the search-field with the websoutce-search from the tags with special characters (like German Umlaute: äöü) results in error-messages. So I had to manual change these characters during websource-search.
I tested JonaaaBR's latest itunes-script and it did not have this problem.
So I had a look at the code and spotted this difference:

Mine till now and also your script: [Encoding]=utf-8
JonaaaBR's script: [Encoding]=url-utf-8

"[Encoding]=url-utf-8" solved my problems with special characters but I am far from understanding why. :wink:


Many thanks for you feedback friend, will help me a lot, gonna check here :wink:


Okay, this time i think that the script is almost 100% bug-free...

i removed A LOT OF USELESS TAGS like COLLECTIONPRICE, TRACKPRICE and blah blah blah (totally useless...)

Just to remember...


I'm still working on the script, so, i'm not done with it YET.

iTunes_New_Release.zip (142 KB)



Thank you very much for this script.
Maybe there is a small bug in the french version of the script.

I think the country should be FR and not FA in :

Best regards.


Oh, my bad. fixed it.

iTunes_Stable_Release.zip (133 KB)


Good day,

The script does not work correctly in the part of fill fields "Composer" and "ComposerSort".
The data from "Artist" is written in these fields. But this is not correct. The fields should be Komposer own data, which often differ from the data in the Artist.
If there is a possibility to receive the data correctly from itunes - please, fix the script.
If this data is not possible to recieve from itunes - it is better to leave this field untouched. Otherwise can be a situation where the correct data previously placed there to be mistakenly overwritten from the field Artist.

Thanks a lot!



Yeah, i'm using the Artist field on Composer... if you want to leave it untouched, just remove the COMPOSER and COMPOSERSORT lines... and, iTunes API doesn't provide any Composer information, that's why i'm using the Artist field on Composer.



Thanks a lot for this. Works amazingly good!

However, there is one problem, MP3Tag stops listing tracks after 200? In this autotag editor.
Yeah, some might think, what the hell has more than 200 tracks?
Answer: Pokemon Super Music Soundtrack

Is there a way to list more than 200 tracks, lets say 300 or more?


No. 200 is the maximum that the iTunes-api allows.


Damn. Guess I have to tag it by hand then...

Well actually I cant since I dont see the full tags in the browser. And trying to open it in iTunes is impossible. Its not even in the store?
Did I say how much I hate this crap Apple software? Holy hell?! It did not only install iTunes. It also installed tons of idiotic side programes and services. My poor Windows...
Any way to export the tags from the browser view?


You can do it with copy&paste from the website to a text-editor.
You even can work on the test-file and import the tags from there.
I wanted to show the result but you obviously have disabled personal messages.


To be honest, iTunes API sucks. :stuck_out_tongue: