[WS] iTunes


Yes. If you try the url with your browser it's working.


Is yours working? It's been two days since mine doesn't work.


this worked for me... i'm using v1.1 of the script

replace this line:

sayregexp "(?<=\"collectionId\":)\d+?(?=,)" ", " "}"


sayregexp "(?<=\"collectionId\":\")\d+?(?=\")" ", " "}"

there is a new version here also which people might want to try:

Tag Sources iTunes fuktioniert nicht mehr (mp3tag Version 2.90 a/b)

I'ts working ! Thank you


hello, When I search for the album, I have this message. How to do ?

"Error connection at server : https://itunes.apple.com
400: bad request"

Thank you


Have you tried the scripts that are linked in this post?


hi, i just fix the artwork and us scripts



Thank you very much. Worked for me! :slight_smile:


Any thoughts?


Yes. Try the scripts that are linked in this post:


Thanks for some reason yesterday the script did not work. Redownloaded it today and it works (The one from github).


As the script stopped working for me too I changed it according to your suggestion last week and it worked again.
Today I noticed that again it stopped working. I reversed the script like it was before
sayregexp "(?<=\"collectionId\":)\d+?(?=,)" ", " "}"
and now it's working again.


Its not working here too. Can anyone upload new working script? Thanx.


The script is broken. Track tags are not shown.


The Original script mp3tag Version v2.90a working again. (was yesterday)


Hello, when I want to open the file, there is nothing. Is there a password?
My script does not work anymore ..
Thank you :slight_smile:



Hey there,

please find attached my working scriptAustria (1200x1200).src (8.9 KB)

CU Steve


SLB, great work. Everything works perfectly. Thank U very much!


Why Composer info of the song is not the same in iTunes and in this script? iTunes have much better (full info) there, but in this script we dont get that

for example

itunes info

info from script

how to fix that?