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oh awesome Ill try that out thanks! If anyone could help me with this last adjustment it would be awesome. I'm trying to get publisher field to only display record label info, no date or distributor. In trying to get rid of the date i figured the following would work:

outputto "PUBLISHER"
FindLine "\"copyright\":\""
FindInLine "\"copyright\":\""
SayUntil "\", \""
regexpreplace "β„— (\d{4})" ""

but it seems unable to grab the date, should I be putting this under # COPYRIGHT instead? i think my best option would be to use $cutLeft and specify 7 spaces to be removed, but i havent been able to properly integrate it

as for the following distributor info, I would like to make a rule that anything starting with and following a "/" or " ," would be removed.

An example of my ideal Publisher field; β„— 2017 Kemosabe Records/Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment

would turn into Kemosabe Records

sorry for the ignorance! I really appreciate the help


Try this (just some of my modifications to the script I use personally):

    outputto "PUBLISHER"
    regexpreplace "\,\s[Uu]nder\s[Ee]xclusive\s[Ll]icense.*?(\",)" "$1"
    regexpreplace "(?:(?<=\"copyright\":\")(?:[^A-Za-z0-9]\s)?\d{4}\s([^/]*).*?(\",))" "$1$2"
    sayregexp "(?<=\"copyright\":\").+?(?=\")" ", " "}"

QUOTE (ms6676749 @ Jun 18 2017, 02:45) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Try this (just some of my modifications to the script I use personally):
    outputto "PUBLISHER"
    regexpreplace "\,\s[Uu]nder\s[Ee]xclusive\s[Ll]icense.*?(\",)" "$1"
    regexpreplace "(?:(?<=\"copyright\":\")(?:[^A-Za-z0-9]\s)?\d{4}\s([^/]*).*?(\",))" "$1$2"
    sayregexp "(?<=\"copyright\":\").+?(?=\")" ", " "}"<!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd-->

Thanks so much again, its working perfectly. learning from what you gave me I added a line to remove ", a division of" clauses that come up alone sometimes; example- Epic Records, A Division of Sony.... you can see how i added below. It's amazing how helpful you guys are on this forum

outputto "PUBLISHER"
regexpreplace "\,\s[Uu]nder\s[Ee]xclusive\s[Ll]icense.*?(\",)" "$1"
regexpreplace "\,\s[Aa]\s[Dd]ivision.*?(\",)" "$1"
regexpreplace "(?:frowning:?<=\"copyright\":\")(?:[^A-Za-z0-9]\s)?\d{4}\s([^/]*).*?(\",))" "$1$2"
sayregexp "(?<=\"copyright\":\").+?(?=\")" ", " "}"

I am curious about the indentation of some lines though, is this just for organization or does mp3tag actually read the indented lines differently? my script seems to be working fine without the indentation


has anyone changed this window to automatically prompt "No" instead of "Yes" to increase workflow speed? I've tried to find this window in Resource Hacker but haven't been able to


If you press Alt-N on the keyboard (or perhaps even only "N") you can close the window almost as easy as pressing enter.

Also, there are some options in Tools>Option>Messages where you can tune which messages you want to see.


Organization. It is easier for me to find stuff I need to edit that way.


works great thanks a million

ah makes sense.

Ok this is likely my last question so I can finally stop bothering you guys. Regarding the [IndexUrl] and [AlbumUrl], I want the script to search a different index by the track name not the album name, so that when entering my SearchBy prompt of "%artist% %title%" the result will come up with the album containing that track even if the %title% isn't present in the album name.
I've tried some combinations of entity=musicTRACK and adding some attributes but no combinations i've used have gotten results so I'm wondering if i could get some help here as well. Thank you again


Error script!


If there's an error, please post the last line of %AppData%\Mp3tag\data\scripterror.log here together with the name of the source used.


scripterror.log empty
error only this album, others o.k.



Is there a way to search by title (track name) and derive the album name from the list.


see this post:
[WS] iTunes


Thank you very much!


Thanks for your job.
But I have some question.

First. There is multiple disc album.
When disc 1 have 15 track, script makes Disc 2 starting tracknumber 16, not tracknumber 01.
Can I fix it?

Second. Year Tag, likes 2016-03-02T08:00:00Z.
But I want use '2016-03-02'
I looked method of '2016' in this artcle, but '2016-03-02' coudn't find.


First: after loading the data from the web source, do some post-processing.
Renumber the tracks with the tracknumbering wizard.

Second: YEAR should only contain 4 digits.
The fomat you mention is suitable for RELEASETIME.

To cut the left four digits use an action of the type "Format value" for YEAR,
Format string: $left(%year%,4)


You can get ultra hi-res artworks at 1500*1500px with this:

sayregexp "(?<=\"artworkUrl100\":\").+?(?=\")" ", " "}"
regexpreplace "100x100bb" "10000x10000-999"

outputto "COVERURL"
sayregexp "(?<=\"artworkUrl100\":\").+?(?=\")" ", " "}"

Full Script for US iTunes website only. Change this a per threads recommendations for other countries.

i_Tunes__US__stevehero_Edit___Artwork_.src (3.8 KB)

This might have been done by someone but a quick thread search yielded no results. :slight_smile:

i_Tunes__US__stevehero_Edit___Artwork_.src (3.8 KB)


Nice job, i'm happy to see that the script's still working :wink:


not working for me



I have a problem with the script for a few days, I would like to know how to solve it.




Is there anyone else with that error? You know how to fix it?