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Would it be possible to make a script for movies to put tags on iTunes Movie mp4 video ?


I guess so. But I don't have any experience wiht mp4 video files. Don't know how Mp3tag treats the tag field names there.
If you send me the link to a example page at iTunes and write me what information should get into what tag field, I will have a look into this when I find some time.


i have a number of music videos that i accidentally removed the artwork from using mp3tag.

does anyone know how to get bigger artwork images for iTunes Music Videos from the itunes site using mp3tag... for a standard M4V file the embedded artwork is normally 640x480 but on the site the picture only shows as 227x170!

i tried changing the values of the image url but cannot find an alternative value that shows a bigger image

is there a method to show the bigger image size so it can be added to the file missing the artwork.

thanks in advance


Does anyone know what to change in the script to enable artwork at 1400Xx1400 instead of the 600x600 it shows at present?

code for artwork...

outputto "COVERURL"
replace "100x100" "600x600"
sayregexp "(?<="artworkUrl100":").+?(?=")" ", " ""}"

simply changing the 600x600 to 1400x1400 doesn't work


I don't think that you can get this from Itunes.
Changing to 1200x1200 will work.


thanks for that

the thing is itunes images can be viewed at 1400x1400 so is it possible to alter the script to do this?

an example

image taken from here https://itunes.apple.com/gb/artist/led-zeppelin/id994656

Led Zeppelin - Mothership (Remastered) 100x100 http://a5.mzstatic.com/eu/r30/Music2/v4/c5...ver100x100.jpeg

change the 100x100 in the url to 1400x1400 http://a5.mzstatic.com/eu/r30/Music2/v4/c5...r1400x1400.jpeg


Hi pone,

of all available scripts I use your itunes-script the most.
It is very comfortable that the complete number of tracks is listed in the window with the search-results, if there is more than 1 result or you just enter only the artist.

This number ist accurate nearly all the time but sometimes the number is just one number too high and if you select this special album the tag-information windows shows the correct amount of tracks.
Is this only a fault of iTunes or is it something that can be fixed in the script?

Artist: Ethan Johns
Album: If Not Now Then When?

Search results: 11 Tracks
Correct track-numbers: 10


This site scrapes itune album covers - http://bendodson.com/code/itunes-artwork-finder/ . Maybe you could get it off there or even ask the guy how he did it.



first of all I'm very impressed of your script. I love it.

Second I wanted to ask if it's possible to add the ITUNESADVISORY tag, which shows if it's a clean version or an explicit version or none of all.

And last of all I wanted to know if it's possible to add TOTALDISC and TOTALTRACK to the script.

Thanks for your answers.

Best regards

EDIT: on my iphone the copyright tag is not shown, what do I wrong. Sorry for all the questions but I'm beginner.


Did a quick test using ACDC Flick of the Switch. The year returned in the script was 2012. The year returned from the following URL was correct (Released: Aug 1983) - https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/flick-of-...tch/id574053085

Is the script still up to date?



The script looks for the releasedate and translates this into year.
Obviously iTunes delivers 2012 as releasedate.

Have a look at other web-sources like Amazon, Musik-Sammler, discogs ...
They all deliver different years for the same album.
That is because the releasedate is not the date of the first release but the date/year of an actual release.

You can buy the same CD over the years and you often get different years on the label.
In addition there may be digital releases, remasters, Deluxe-releases, Anniversary-releases, different country releases ...

So it is very difficult to say "This is the correct release-year" because you first have to define which release-date you really mean.
Should your year-tags list an album like "Beatles: Sergeant Pepper", which was first released in 1967 as an analog album (long before the inventions of CDs) as 1967, or of the realease date of the first CD-release or the remasters of later years or of the first release of mp3s at iTunes?


I looked at the script, and here's a look at what's returned by iTunes:

 "results": [
{"wrapperType":"collection", "collectionType":"Album", "artistId":5040714, "collectionId":574053085, "amgArtistId":3496, "artistName":"AC/DC", "collectionName":"Flick of the Switch", "collectionCensoredName":"Flick of the Switch", "artistViewUrl":"https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/ac-dc/id5040714?uo=4", "collectionViewUrl":"https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/flick-of-the-switch/id574053085?uo=4", "artworkUrl60":"http://a4.mzstatic.com/us/r30/Features4/v4/79/ed/d8/79edd88e-66d9-0962-8866-71ac5724e753/dj.fbzqrhbc.60x60-50.jpg", "artworkUrl100":"http://a2.mzstatic.com/us/r30/Features4/v4/79/ed/d8/79edd88e-66d9-0962-8866-71ac5724e753/dj.fbzqrhbc.100x100-75.jpg", "collectionPrice":9.99, "collectionExplicitness":"notExplicit", "trackCount":11, "copyright":"℗ 1983 Leidseplein Presse B.V.", "country":"USA", "currency":"USD", "releaseDate":"2012-11-19T08:00:00Z", "primaryGenreName":"Rock"}]

I'm not familiar with mp3tag scripting or it's support for regular expressions, but here's the seemingly meaningful the portion of the code:

regexpreplace "(\d\d\d\d),?" "<<<year$1>>>"
findinline "\"copyright\":\"" 1 1
ifnot "<<<year"
    gotochar 1
    sayregexp "(?<=\"releaseDate\":\"<<<year)\d\d\d\d(?=>>>)" ", " "}"
    gotochar 1

See any adjustment(s) that could be made to capture 1983 out of that data returned by iTunes?


1983 is part of the Copyright.
It may be not very purposeful to take the copyright year.
Just take the itunes-script and manually change the search field to ACDC only.
Then you get listed a lot of their albums.
Just have a look at the copyright-column. There are a lot lot of albums which up to 19 difeerent years for the copyright.


I see what you're talking about.

It if simply grabbed the earliest year, that would probably be "good enough". I realize there can also be different years for a song (remastered, etc.), but the most meaningful to me, is when the song came out. If a song came out in 1983, and was remastered in 2008, I would expect it to be in my 1980s decade of music, not in my 2000s. That's really the reason I'm needing this...to add the decade to the genre. It's easy to append it in MP3Tag if the year (or original year) is set, but setting it in the first place proving difficult.


I know what you mean.
But a websource-srcipt like iTunes-script is looking for an album and not for a song.
One reason for these mentioned many listed copyright-years is, that these albums are kind of compilations. So if you look for a compilation-album you have the release-year of the album and a lot of copyright-years for the individual songs which were released before on former albums.

I myself normally look for the release-date of the album and if I decide to not take the rerelease-date I have to look up manually in one of the many dicographies in the web of this special artist. I can see no way to get this information reliable and automatically. You always have to decide for yourself individually.


this was great. What was needed was just the high-res album art.

This album art finder was great:http://bendodson.com/code/itunes-artwork-finder/
Script (JS I guess): http://bendodson.com/itunes.js

This should help you. Keep up the good work!


Yeah, obviously a song restulset would be better. It just seems like at this stage (2015), it's crazy a service doesn't exist to get the original release date (year?) for an artist/song combination. Even knowing there could be different results for different countries, etc., the mess of what exists now is just sad.

I like how DBPowerAmp grabs data from four sources then uses the most popular data from the group of them, but that only seems to work when ripping, not after the fact.

Given that I've got over four thousand albums, doing things manually would take a very long time. Hence the reason I was hoping to use this script.


Danke jungs erstmal für den geilen geilen script ich suche nach sowas schon ewig...

ist es auch möglich noch mehr felder hinzuzufügen z.B. COMPOSER, COMPILATION.....?
und wenn ja, wie? kan mir da einer behilflich sein???


COMPILATION can be set afterwards depending on other criteria e.g. if the ALBUMARTIST is "Various".
If the iTunes script does not deliver all the data you need then have a look at other sources.


I keeps getting attached error, even after changing http to https..
Someone please help?