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Concerning the cover art:
I don't know if you already figured it out but if you just delete the ".100x100-75" in the album art and you get the original 1200x1200 cover art or replace 100x100 with 600x600 to get smaller sizes.
Before: http://is2.mzstatic.com/image/pf/us/r30/Mu....100x100-75.jpg
After: http://is2.mzstatic.com/image/pf/us/r30/Mu...zi.sovppyif.jpg

I'd love to add that to the script but I didn't figure out how the scripting works (is there an explanation?)
Could you implement that, pease? :slight_smile:



Just open the script with an editor and change this part as you want:

outputto "COVERURL"
replace "100x100" "600x600"

You have to change the "600x600" to "1200x1200" to get larger cover-art.


Thank you! :rolleyes:


The Itunes-Script seems to be broken.
The disk with cover and album name are found but track and other tags are not shown anymore.


i posted the problem here - /t/16974/1

nobody seems to have replied to my post though :frowning:

i am guessing that some of the scripting has change on the iTunes store pages that is not allowing complete retrieval of data.

It may help if the original creator of the script could take a look at page elements on the store and see if some bits need changing within the script.

unfortunately Pone, who made this script originally, was last seen on the 2nd February 2015 so im guessing we may have to rely on someone else to help to sort this problem out.


I hope someone who has the knolwedge will find time to do so.

It is a pity that the 3 most useful websource-scripts don't work anymore:
danos extended Amazon script
and now pone's iTunes-Script.

The other left scripts that still function all lack at least 1 existential ability for me:
Search for the combination artist/albumartist and album
List the length of the tracks
List the individual artists for tracks
Seperate tracknumbers for each disk of a set



Ssame problem here


Please download the attached ZIP file
Unzip the file
copy to

All problems solved :w00t:

album Cover art 1200*1200
Solve the problem of not showing the track list
Enjoy the Web Sources Scripts

Do not remember Thanks :sunglasses:

iTunes_Update_2015.rar (11.7 KB)


Thank you very much for your work.
It would be very nice if you could tell where you had to change the code, maybe just as example for one country.
I made some changes for myself to the code with the help of pone in the past and I am trying to integrate my changes or maybe even easier to integrate you changes in my code.
I am far beyonf understanding much of the code but it would be nice to learn at least a little bit.


Thanks a Billion


Thank you
The same is not possible for countries
Because some of the album, to be released only in one country.

Sorry if my English is poor


You misunderstood me.
I suggested to document the changes you had to make in the script based on one country script.


thank you for fixing the problem

what people are asking is... what parts of the pone original script did you change for yours to work?


is there a way to add explicit or clean tags in the ITUNESADVISORY field if a track in the itunes store shows a content rating by adding some lines to this script without having to input it manually.


Hi hamedredrose,

it seems that you took an older code-version as your source for the needed changes.
There is a bug again in your versions with double quotation marks, that was corrected by dano in 2013.
[WS] iTunes
If an artist, an album or a track-title has double-quotation marks in it, all content after this quotation mark is cut off.
Look for yourself and for example search for:
Artist: Bonnie "Prince" Billy
Album: The Letting Go
where as artist only Bonnie is shown.
Artist: Duke Ellington
Album: Jazz Moods: Hot
where track 13 should show Take the "A-Train" and instead only shows Take The

At the moment I am looking over my previous working script without that bug but I am not able to find the responsive code difference.


noticed this bug occurred again as well :frowning:

hope someone can tweak the script to show missing characters


Sorry, attached the wrong file

Hey Guys,

here are my new scripts.



these are the same as the ones posted previously...

there is a bug in these scripts, check out this post [WS] iTunes


Hello Again
bugs have been Fixed :w00t:

script installation & usage:

  1. download the .src file
  2. move the file into this folder: %appdata%\Mp3tag\data\sources
    (just copy&paste this into the Windows Explorer address bar)
  3. run the script from Mp3Tag with this button: ▼



iTunes_Update_2015_BY_HAMEDREDROSE.rar (13.2 KB)