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Here is a update for the iTunes Script, with all fixed, includes 13 different countries and 1500x1500 cover download.

iTunes_September_Update_2015.rar (14 KB)


Can you include the explicitness and other infos like in this screenshot of a song i tagged with a script that's absolute




Here i am again, another update, changelogs below (UPDATE 8)

+Added More Countries (56 on total).
+Added new extra tags (screenshot on attachment)
+Fixed the "YEAR" tag issue.
-Removed some useless code (again.)
+Added the action (put this on the action folder) to change your track format (thanks to amine)
+Added Composer (maybe it's the real composer?)

iTunes_September_Update_8.rar (77.5 KB)


You, sir, are an absolute legend! :music:


Please add relisetime or release date in script . Format like beatport for instance: 2015-09-18 . And fix publisher (for instance : ℗ Domino Recording Co Ltd >> Domino Recording Co Ltd )


Name of the music please.

about the "beatport" YEAR format, you can do this by yourself, just add this code right below:

OutputTo "YEAR"
FindLine ""releaseDate":""
FindInLine ""releaseDate":""
SayUntil "", ""
Say "|"

and remove the other "YEAR" code.


last script don't have release date , only year. How can fix it ?


Okay i don't have too much time but i'll post the USA iTunes script with this "beatport" year format, you can add any country, the list is here: https://www.apple.com/itunes/affiliates/res...ml#CountryCodes

The download is attached below.

iTunes_USA.src (5.69 KB)


Another update (UPDATE 9).

+Added "RELEASEDATE" tag field (screenshot attached)

Just this.

Please report if there's any problem.

iTunes_September_Update_9.rar (78.8 KB)


Updated again, seems that COLLECTIONPRICE and TRACKPRICE is working fine... so i'm uploading another minor update, i've added the support for up to 4500x4500 Covers (not every music have 4500x4500)...

Screenshots and Download attached.

iTunes_September_Update10Beta_2.rar (80.3 KB)


New beta. (UPDATE 11Beta 1)

+Added more tags (see the screenshot)
+Added 4 more countries (60 in total)
-Removed some dead code.

iTunes_September_Update_11Beta_1.rar (88.7 KB)

  • I'll add later.
  • It's not possible i think, i've tried it but no success, i'll try this later, but hey, there's the CURRENCY tag that shows if it is USD, EUR, BRL etc...
  • Well, for some iTunes users, these tags are necessary.
  • ITUNESMEDIATYPE? COMPILATION? I can't find these on iTunes API... could you give me more details please?
  • This is about iTunes API, the whole code is based on it, if the API have "Single", it will be Single, or if it is "Album", it will be Album... i think i can't touch on this...

And i'm going to REMOVE the RADIOSTATIONURL tag... it's giving some problems on some musics, showing the on it... i think it's useless.

And another thing, COLLECTIONPRICE and TRACKPRICE seems to having problem on "Pre-Order" musics, like New Order - Music Complete and Avicii - Stories, so, i'm planning to remove these three Tags, COLLECTIONPRICE, TRACKPRICE and RADIOSTATIONURL...


Like i've said, the whole code is based on the iTunes API, everything is based on it... i can't do nothing out of the API... about poland country, the download is attached (nothing removed, nothing added, just the country)

iTunes_Poland.src (6.33 KB)


Hot-fix. (UPDATE 13)

+Fixed these tags: COLLECTIONPRICE, TRACKPRICE and RADIOSTATIONURL, they were not working on some musics, updated the "behavior" of these tags...
+Added Poland country (61 on total)
-Removed the old code, added new code.

No new extra tags, just bug-fix.

Just download attached.

iTunes_September_Update_13.rar (89.6 KB)

Importing Track Names from Amazon.*

Well, no tags left, i'm using all the tags present on the iTunes API, about music video, i'll take a look when i have time...

UPDATE 14 release 3

+Added more countries (71 on total)
+Improved the behavior of the COLLECTIONPRICE and TRACKPRICE tags... they should work perfectly now...
+Added Three Actions (thanks to amine), Fix Tracks Format, Add Compilation FLAG and Add Gapless Flag.

I re-uploaded the script to give the proper credits:

Creator: Pone

Improvements: JonaaaBR and many many thanks to amine for the improved source code!

iTunes_September_Update_14_Release_3.rar (108 KB)


I'm working on Music Video tags, i just have USA for now, i'll add more countries later, fixed some things, added some things, etc etc...

Download is attached.

NOTE: This is a TEST script, i didn't tested it very well because i don't have too much time, please report any problems.

There is two files, the October update 3 is:

+Added and removed some useless tags, added some important tags for iTunes... see by yourself.

The second one is the music video source...

iTunes_Music_Video_USA.src (3.58 KB)

iTunes_October_Update_3.zip (99.6 KB)


Ugh. I made some mistakes on the code, sorry about that, i fixed it.

I re-uploaded it because some users (thanks to poster user for the report) was having problems when extracting it, try again now.

iTunes_October_Update_4.rar (106 KB)


Hey JonaaaBR,

thanks for your great work!!

I miss a tag called collectionArtistId.
In some cases - especially in compilations - this tag is provided.

Any plans to integrate this tag?

Steve :rolleyes:



iTunes_October_Update_5.rar (106 KB)