[WS] Libro.fm (Audiobooks)

Website: Libro.fm For audiobooks

Usage: Search by album.

This is particularly useful for audiobooks that are not in audible, but not limited to this.

You can try it and make suggestions, find bugs, or tell me how to improve it. Enjoy!

Another one for my collection, i think i parsed all of the major Audiobooks sites.

Libro.fm#Search by Album.src (6.8 KB)

V.02 - Initial.
v.03 - Improved Index and Improve comments.(Thank you Florian)
v.05 - Index: Remove publicity titles, add Not yet released in Length. Album: add more narrator's.
v.06 - Fix date when it as no minutes. Fix Genre when there were no genre.

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Nice work on the new tag source! Thanks for your contribution.

I had a quick look and had no success with searching for Cory Doctorow's new audio book "Attack Surface".

The problem seems to be
joinuntil "aria-label=\"Pagination\""
which can be replaced by
joinuntil "<!--close #search-content -->"
to produce a valid index.

I've also noticed the various replace commands to remove HTML from the comment. You can use this snippet instead (the regular expression is inspired by @pone, it also removes <em>):

# Description
outputto "Comment"
findline "Description</h2>"
findline "<div itemprop=\"description\""
joinuntil "</div>"
regexpreplace "<[^>]+>" ""

Thank you Florian for the tips, it takes me more time to do the index than the rest, the do ..while, i struggle.