[WS] MusicBrainz XML Webservice


I have updated the search scripts, now you should be able to find your album.


My Hero!
That was driving me insane. Worked first time.

Many, Many Thanks!




thanks for the great support

can i ask whats the difference between the two:

MusicBrainz Web Service
MusicBrainz Web Service ID (+ ID Tags)


It supports a few more tag fields and also the musicbrainz id tags.


something wrong with VA releases


Try the update from here:


Hi, I have a problem similar to the one Akovia was having: there's a release I can find through the web search directly but I'm unable to find through Mp3tag.

I can't find the artist either and filtering by the tracks number throws way too much results as it only has 4 tracks.

So I was wondering if you could add a search script to retrieve the info directly from a disk ID (there seems to be a discid parameter when searching for releases). I'm always tagging my albums with ID tags but I'm finding it a nightmare to tag this one, and unfortunately I don't have quite the knowledge to write a script.

This one is the release anyway: http://musicbrainz.org/release/b19b3a0a-2b...3ef3566958.html

Thank you very much for your time, and for writing these scripts; they're really useful.


I can do it but you can still find the album with the artist + album search:
Silence AND artist:silence

or with album + tracks:
"Silence" AND tracks:4


Oh! Strange thing...

I never thought in finding it that way, when using the artist + album search I was looking for "Pete Namlook", or when using the album + tracks search looking for 4 tracks.

Thank you very much for your help!


tracks:1 was a typo, I meant tracks:4

For some reason it needs the artist to be "Silence" when searching.

Even when you use the simple album search, Silence with 4 tracks is the first hit.
Maybe you didn't recognize it because it shows Silence as artist (the actual album artist) in the results.


Yep, I looked into that as soon as I read it and you were right; I was looking at the artist tag for the right one.

Thanks again for clarifying and your help :slight_smile:


error again <_<


You can download the updated standard script from here

or install the latest beta


Hello dano, does that mean your scripts will no longer work? If that's the case it's a shame because I wanted to embed the Musicbrainz ID related tags in my collection.


No, I just needed some free time for the other scripts.
But now I'm done.



Just updated mp3tag to the latest version and noticed the 2009 version I had of this script didn't work 100% anymore.

Just downloaded the latest version of this and it's working perfectly, other than the fact that in the search window where you choose which release you actually have, the artist column is blank showing no data.


Many thanks, love this script :slight_smile:


I've made an update..


It looks like MusicBrainz has changed their website, no longer do double disc compilations show as "Album Name (Disc x)" and all tracks are together under the release.

However, the current script doesn't write tags for the Disc numbers or restart the numbering of the tracks for disc 2. No idea if this is possible with the MusicBrainz API but it would be great if the script could do this in future.


Agreed I'm also getting this issue. Example album is here:

This script now shows that as 1 CD and numbers the tracks 1-26, instead of 1-13 & 1-13.


Yes they had some bigger changes. I'll check what I can do...