[WS] MusicBrainz XML Webservice


Ein Hinweis:
Bei der Benutzung der Source '&MusicBrainz WS +ID#&2 Search by Album + A&rtist (+ID Tags)' darf man anscheinend keine Sonderzeichen wie z.B.
im Albumnamen haben, sonst erhält man immer die Rückmeldung:

Mp3tag v2.49a

Fehler beim Verbinden zum Server: musicbrainz.org

Wiederholen Abbrechen

Entfernt man diese Zeichen, funktioniert das Script einwandfrei und erspart massiv Tipp-Arbeit! :music:

Nachtrag 29.12.2011, 18.35 Uhr:
Wenn man in der erwähnten Source die Zeile wie folgt anpasst: [SearchBy]=$replace(%album%,':',,'[',,']',,'?',) AND artist:%artist%dann funktioniert es mit den erwähnten Sonderzeichen ebenfalls.


It seems the Musicbrainz (both these and the official source) sources won't recognize multi-discs anymore. I reported this in the bugs section also. Any word on this? it's vital to Musicbrainz functionality.


@Dano: Could you please have a look at this scripts? As jasper already wrote, it doesn't recognize multi-disc anymore.

If you search for "Blue Note: A Story of Jazz" you should get back this set of 3 CDs:

Actually, all tree CDs has the same name and there is no information about the discnumbering anymore. :astonished:

Thank you very much for your support!


Better multi disc support has been added to the new v2 script.


I'm researching replacing Picard with MP3Tags + one or more of these scripts, and came across the multi-disc issue.

I may be in the minority here, but I happen to consider the per-disc information pretty irrelevant these days.

I do track Disc# in my tags, but I set my track numbers per-album, not per-disc, so in the "normal" (at least lowest common denominator) case where I just have a set of track files in an album folder they will sequence properly with the filename generated from the track number without having to use three+ digit tracknumbers.

Bottom line is I'm very happy with the MusicBrainz scheme, and if the dev (Dano?) wants to "fix" the script to re-start numbering on a per-disc basis, then my request is to make that an option to satisfy those whose preference on this issue matches the MB service's.

Thanks for considering this request.


I'm not sure, if I understand your issue. I use an action like this:
Format Value, Field TRACK:
Format String: $num(%_counter%,$len(%_total_files%))/$num(%_total_files%,$len(%_total_files%))
If I select the tracks from the first disc only, I get the numbers for the total tracks of this disc.
If I select the tracks of the complete album (with one or more discs), I get the numbers for all the marked tracks.


That may well be handy sometime, thanks. If I'm tagging myself I've been very happy with MP3Tag's auto-numbering function, works perfectly for my needs.

I wasn't reporting an issue as such, just stating that I prefer my albums' tracks to be numbered say 1-31 rather than 1-8, 1-12, 1-11 for three discs, I capture but in practice ignore the disc numbering, my main point is that IMO discs are pretty irrelevant these days.

So that if the issue the OP was reporting gets "fixed" (which IMO isn't needed) I was simply pointing out that the option to keep MB's default behaviour should be retained for those of us who prefer it that way.


script stop working from yesterday - «service unavailable (503)»


Use the v2 scripts from this topic, they work.
The other scripts are useless now.


thanks for quick response dano, you're my savior! :w00t:




It seems it was just a bug from the Musicbrainz server. The old scripts are working again.


An update for v2 which includes a fix for the album display + the search overview now also displays media format and catalog number (thx to LyricsLover for the hint).


Since a week ago I've been having some issues using your script(s). I have to repeat the process of searching and selecting the right album to get all information filled in. On the 1st (and sometimes 2nd and 3rd) search & album select I only get half the fields filled in (no song names, no artist name, only year & album name for example). After repeating it a couple of times it works.

I've browsed the Musicbrainz forums but haven't seen any report of a malfunction on their search engine.

Is there anyone else noticing this? Thanks.


Same timing, but a slightly different problem, when I have searched for and selected an album, the "Adjust Tag Information" box does not show all the fields - MUSICBRAINZ_TRACKID has stopped showing in the Additional Information box although it is added to the tags.

Edit : I'm getting old - the MUSICBRAINZ_TRACKID shows up in the Tracks box.


Seems like MusicBrainz has some updates because script is broken now :unsure:


Which script exactly?
For me, the v2-versions still work (not always, but nearly - seems to be a MB problem?).


MusicBrainz Web Service ID (+ ID Tags)
«Album + Artist» & «Album + Total Tracks» both returned blank pages.


Mp3tag's default MusicBrainz script also outputs blank pages.


Musicbrainz xml webservice is acting weirdly. It doesn't output the same result each time on the line doing either (for example) :

<track-list count="10" offset="0">


<track-list offset="0" count="10">

This breaks the musicbrainz.src in the second case.

In order to correct this, you should replace in all you MusicBrainz sources the line :

findinline "track-list count=\""

by these two lines :

findinline "track-list "
findinline "count=\""

And that's all! Working normally after that...