[WS] MusicBrainz XML Webservice

Thanks man, working fine now!

Thank you kkkqqq54!

sorry, its not working for me... i think your solution is perfect but i make a mistake... can you edit the basic and the ws + id script for me (with a dl link maybe)? that would be really nice


Want permission and instructions on how to add info to your Musicbrainz script.

MusicBrainz: http://musicbrainz.org/release/ac1de4b5-64...3e-2af196848562
Artist: Ingrid Lucia
Album: Almost Blue

Under Credits it list website: http://www.allmusic.com etc xxxxxxxx

(1). I would like to import that info and have it

output to: Web Media Url

(2) If possible, i would like it to be a hyperlink. If not just inputting the info is ok.

Curently I'm typing the info, it's a lot of typing or cut and paste.


Can someone help?

There are some albums I can't manage to get to with this script i know they exist because I found them in my browser. The problem being they have special characters in both the artist and album names (i.e P!nk - M!ssunaztood)

So I'm trying to modify this script so you can look up by the release-group id.

I tried changing the script here


as you can see from this it gives valid info P!nk - M!ssundaztood

but the script says "Sorry no entries are matching your search criteria"

If anyone can help with this it would really help out a lot!

I don't see the track info (composer, credits, recording) in the tags from Musicbrainz website.

see example: http://musicbrainz.org/release/7323a556-16...94-0148f00aaef4

track 3, 4, 12, etc. I'm using all 3 src, but none pick ups the info.

how do i update the src to find it.


@Beluna: If you really need all this informations you should try the "official" MusicBrainz-Taggersoftware, called Picard* https://picard.musicbrainz.org/

Of course you still need Mp3tag, because of all the missing features in Picard. But at least you get all the visible informations on the MB website into your tracks.

QUOTE (kkkqqq54 @ Oct 19 2015, 11:57) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
findinline "track-list "
findinline "count=\""

And that's all! Working normally after that...

Thanks, this made the script (together with commenting out the coverart) run better and faster.

It's just me or MusicBrainz script is broken and always return 503 service temporarily unavailable ?

The Webservice is not broken. Well not really...
They write in a recent blog post:
"In the past few weeks we’ve been hit with massive increases in traffic and a couple of hardware failures. Trying to maintain a decent service quality in light of both of these events have taken a lot of time of our team..."
Source: https://blog.musicbrainz.org/2016/05/15/imp...change-release/

The mentioned schema change - whenever it happens - interrupts the Webservice again.
AFTER this schema change the chance is unfortunately very high, that the XML-Output will be broken... :frowning: <_<

On the first post it refers to a script to get the Artist Country:

MusicBrainz Artist Info
Imports: Artist, Artistsort, Artist Country, Artist Id, www
Search by: Artist

but I cannot find this in the attachments that are linked to the post.

Am I missing something obvious or is this no longer there?

Which "artist country" should this be?
Can you please give us an example?

If you look at this URL
which one would be your "artist country"?

I came to this page from posts #4 & #7 here:


In the example given there:



Bob Dylan Dylan, Bob male US United States United States

I would like to map to a specific tag.

The result is easier to read, if you append "&fmt=json"

In my example for my album, both "country-"scripts gets the release country US and save it to its id3tag:

What exactly do you get with your tracks?

BTW: This is NOT the artist country, this is the RELEASE Country (country where this album was released)

This is where my confusion arises!

The example links are just for 'artist' info (no 'release' data there at all) but the script that is mentioned in the post is not there.

If you open such a webscript in a notepad, you can see entries like
For your scripts, both include a link like


Now it should be clear that a RELEASE will be requested by this script and not an artist like in your demo urls.

And you are right: the description "Imports: ...Artist Country...." is actually not true.

I tried the modifictaions suggested on post #4 here


but there is obviously more down below that needs changing - which is beyond my capabilities!

Did this script ever write the Release Group ID? Or how come some of my files have a release group and some don't... I never used any other program then Mp3tag for tagging my collection, so I'm a little confused right now, because it currently doesn't seem to add the release group... And I can't see that it had an update in a long time either...

After yesterday's update on the MusicBrainz search engine this script stopped working.

Can anyone tell if the changes made to the search engine were too significant for this script to be updated easily?

Can you please try with this tag source?

MusicBrainz-20180702.zip (2.0 KB)